Product Roadmap

A Preview of Great Things to Come

Our Product Roadmap includes some of the initiatives we have planned to enhance the platform.  At 360Alumni we're always reviewing your feedback, best practices and the opportunities that come with the latest technologies, so the following plan and mockups are always subject to revisions.   


Map Enhancements (Released)

  • Pin Clustering: We're changing the way individual Map Pins are displayed by adding pin clusters.  Pin clusters will improve performance and aggregate geographically close pins into a single cluster.  As users zoom in, the clusters will expand, eventually displaying single pins for display.
  • Redesigned Map Cards:  The Map Cards that display with a Map Pin will be redesigned to provide more information in a better UX.  The Map Cards will be responsive to the amount of content available and will expand or contract accordingly.
  • Work Address Pin: An additional blue pin will be added to denote work address location for those users with a work address.  This display will give you a visual of alumni who are working for the same employers.

List Expansion (Released)

  • Smart Lists:  Will enable administrators to create lists that can change dynamically based on the value of the data field used to create the list(s).  
  • List Sync with Email Marketing:  Will enable administrators with email marketing access to sync any of their lists with email marketing, creating even more targeting options for marketing messages.

Groups Expansion (Released)

  • Dynamic Groups: Administrators can create Groups where users can be automatically added based on association.  A great way for users to be included in their primary affiliation, such as class year, degree, program or chapter.

RSVP Customization

  • Administrators will be able to add customized text to the RSVP confirmation messages for event registrations.

Custom Tooltips (Released)

  • Administrators will be able to create Custom Tooltip content to tooltips for Custom Fields.  

Hidden Fields (Released)

  • Ability for organizations to create fields on a user profile record that are only viewable by Administrators.  

Additional Social Feeds

  • Administrators will be able to include multiple Instagram and Twitter feeds on the homepage. Users will be able to select which feeds they want to display when they login.



Rich Links and Multimedia (Released)

  • Just like your favorite social networks, any rich links shared on 360Alumni groups, events or campaigns will include a preview of the link, including a thumbnail image and short description. 
  • Additionally, 360Alumni admins and group & event owners will be able to display multimedia content, including images and videos within groups, events and campaigns..

 Groups Home Page Redesign (Released)

  • The new layout includes adding the group organizer, location and member size, in addition to description and last post for each group giving users a better snapshot on the group home page.

Multi-Language Support (Released)

  • Recognizing that your consituents may live overseas or fluent in multiple languages, we are implementing multi-language support on the platform. The Spanish language will now also be available for the content on the site. Users  will also be able to switch back and forth seamlessly between English and Spanish.

Emma Email Marketing Integration (Released)

  • When we say all-in-one solution, we truly mean all-in-one. Based on the feedback from our clients requesting specific email marketing functionality, we decided to focus on integrating the world-class experience provided by Emma email marketing within your 360Alumni community.
  • With this powerful update, it will be easier than ever to manage all of your alumni/member communications needs through our software. Discover the gold standard used by over 800 universities and 2,000 nonprofits across the world.

Redesign of System Generated Emails

  • System generated emails, such as event and transaction confirmation emails, will be redesigned and will also include ability to customize some text areas.

Expanded Job Board Functionality (Released)

  • Including adding job types to identify specific type of open position for easy search.  These job types may include internship, full-time, part-time, freelance, etc.

Custom Field Enhancements

  • Addition of privacy bar for end users to decide which custom fields are private or public,
  • Addition of administrator-view only custom fields to allow admins to include fields that are not seen by end user or public  (fields can be used to indicate as donor level or status, etc).
  • Ability to customize tooltips.

Prompts for Profile Completion/Updates

  • To make it easier than ever, 360Alumni will create a streamlined experience that encourages users to complete their profiles and reminds them to do periodic updates. We're also adding visual cues to prompt users when they return to the community to complete their profile, for example, missing career, email or social info.