Product Roadmap

Our product roadmap includes some of the initiatives we have planned to enhance the platform. At 360Alumni we're always reviewing your feedback, best practices, and the opportunities that come with the latest technologies, so the following plan is subject to revisions.

Winter 2018

Profile Updates

  • Profile page redesign for a sleeker, more modern experience
  • Ability to attach CV/resume to the user profile and messaging correspondence
  • Multi-row education section in user profiles
  • Update to skills section

Event Updates

  • Ability for users to pay event registration service charges during checkout

Search Updates

  • Search by all custom fields and profile fields (including admin-only)
  • Ability to view search results in a table with customizable fields

Messaging Updates

  • Admin approval process before users can send bulk messages
  • Admin report with metrics on messages sent by users

Admin Updates

  • Ability to see when last updated and by whom on each profile within admin view


Spring 2018

Mentorship Updates

  • Automated mentor-mentee matching based on indicated preferences
  • Ability to track mentoring matches and outcomes for admins
  • Ability to do a detailed search on every field in the mentor profile
  • Report with metrics on mentor-mentee messages
  • Ability to designate mentorship type, e.g. life coaching, career advice, skill training, etc.

Admin Updates

  • Ability for admins to initiate password reset for users


Summer 2018

Accessibility Updates

  • Web Accessibility Phase 1 - WCAG A+

Event Updates

  • Event calendar and integrated event RSS feeds

Profile Updates

  • Ability for users to disable their own profiles
  • Employer information autocomplete in user profiles

New Features

  • Community-wide forum for discussions


Fall 2018

App Release

  • 360Alumni native Android and iOS apps