Email Marketing

Connect And Communicate With Integrated Email Marketing Tools

360Alumni lets you send emails to your entire alumni community in just a few clicks. Avoid porting data in and out of stand-alone email marketing software, save on expense, and track many types of alumni activity in a single platform. With all of your alumni at your fingertips, emailing from the source is simple and easy!

The email marketing tool is a powerful system for administrators to engage and connect. While alumni can create lists to message groups through the platform, administrators can use our email marketing software to send branded e-blasts from your institution, backed by quantitative analytics.

Use the software to:

  • Schedule personalized emails and newsletters in advance.
  • Optimize campaigns based on analytics from prior efforts.
  • Capture bounce activity and keep data fresh.
  • Maintain a high sender reputation, ensuring deliverability.

Use our quick tags to send personalized emails, which have higher open and click rates than non-personalized counterparts. Rest easy knowing that the HTML-coded emails are fully responsive and will automatically adjust to the mobile screen of the viewer. 

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