Email Marketing

Building Alumni Relationships With Email Marketing By Emma®

Email is a vital communications channel for admissions, fundraising, ticket sales, departmental news, student life — you name it. But all that email can sometimes lead to an overly complicated program, communications overlap and a lack of branding & quality control. We can help! With all of your alumni at your fingertips, emailing from the source is simple and easy!

  • Full Emma® Email Marketing Capabilities: Administrators have full access to the robust email marketing power of Emma®. The gold standard in automated email marketing.
  • One Centralized Alumni Email List: Send emails to your entire alumni community in just a few clicks. Avoid porting data in and out of stand-alone email marketing software, save on expense, and track all alumni email activity in a single platform.
  • Customize Emails by Campaign and Alumni Group: Segment on any profile or engagement criteria. Create dynamic lists and send emails targeted by class year, location, tags, and more.
  • Automate Campaigns: Schedule personalized emails and newsletters automatically, and choose from hundreds of free Emma® templates.
  • Actionable Metrics: See all email engagement in a user’s profile and get comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analytics so you can measure every aspect of your email campaigns. Then conduct the right follow up responses. Optimize campaigns based on analytics from prior efforts, increase engagement, and keep data fresh.

With 360Alumni, you get access to the best-of-breed email marketing software to create, send, and analyze personalized and targeted messages to your alumni. View our email marketing plans.