Increase Fundraising Participation And Average Donation Size

Make donating to the annual fund more engaging and compelling than just filling out a form. And reach an untapped donor pool by making it easy to give back to smaller campaigns by offering social fundraising. Creating bite sized local fundraising campaigns on social platforms lets you take advantage of crowdsourcing and sharing to leverage your institution’s social network. This gives you the power of the crowd to help fund projects that have meaning for your alumni.

  • Increase Annual Giving: Interactive donation tools accommodate campaigns of any size. Tell a story to increase annual fund and larger-scale initiatives.
  • Tap into Local Giving Potential: Run short term micro campaigns that are personal to certain alumni. Class reunion fundraisers, campus improvements (e.g. new computers for the science lab), clubs and organizations (e.g. debate club donation drive).
  • Create a Social Buzz: Social sharing and comments on the discussion board makes giving competitive. Alumni can share their contributions and encourage others to lend a helping hand, both inside and outside the alumni community.
  • Cross Site Promotion: Take advantage of built in advertising and showcase a campaign throughout the community site.
  • Donation Visibility Increases Participation: Campaign progress is seen by the entire community so alumni can monitor its real-time progress. This leads to personal investment into the donation process, increasing participation and goodwill. Plus, donation history automatically shows in a user’s profile improving giving exposure to the alumni community.
  • Data Collection and Analysis: Get high level real time metrics, or export into your own CRM system for full data insights and analytics.