Job Boards

Tap Into The Hiring Power Of Your Alumni Network

Alumni love to hire fellow alumni. An assumed trust is formed by sharing the common experience of having attended the same school. The 360 Alumni Job Board allows alumni to tap into that affinity and make it easier for them to find and post jobs for each other. And if your organization hasn't cultivated this affinity, creating a job board for them is a great place to start. Our mobile-friendly platform enables users to post open positions, search, and be notified of new jobs.

  • Alumni Looking to Hire: Alumni who are hiring can access top-caliber talent without paying recruiter fees. They can post jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities in front of an audience looking to help each other while giving back to their institution.
  • Alumni Seeking Employment: Job seekers can search the Job Board by location, keyword or specific people. And notifications can be set for when new jobs are posted. The cold job search is now a warm one.
  • Leveraging the Strength of an Alumni Connection: Job candidates can reach out directly and engage in a dialogue about the position, or they can use social sharing to refer a friend.
  • Uncover Alumni Leaders: Alumni looking to hire are often those in leadership positions and potential donors or alumni leaders. An alumni Job Board a great way to connect career services to the alumni database.
  • Create a Hidden Job Market For Your Alumni: Alumni can post instantly without having to wait for career services to approve and distribute. Bypass job boards and recruiters and help them fast track their hiring and job search.

Professionals can also reach out to alumni throughout the community to network, provide mentorship, discuss business ideas, or seek expertise. With 360Alumni, it’s not just a job board - it’s their complete network of peers.


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