Map & Directory

Visualize Your Alumni Network

The 360Alumni Map & Directory feature helps your alumni directory come to life.  We don’t believe that an online directory needs to act like an old search tool - it needs to reflect the interests and life aspects of your alumni. And, it should be fun to use.

  • With the Map View, alumni can easily see which alumni are located nearby and zoom in to see a quick snapshot of each, or use the Directory View to find friends based on specific filters.
  • Each profile provides a personalized snapshot, with a photo, bio, tags, group participation, campaign support, jobs posted, social links and more.
  • The robust search tools offer alumni the ability to filter and find others by location, career, focus of study, industry, keywords, or tags.  The year slider makes it easy to narrow in on a graduating year range or all years in total.  A few clicks bring up alumni nearby with similar business interests. 
  • Signing in is a cinch with LinkedIn, Facebook, or Email. And with data management admin tools, it's easy for you to keep your alumni data up to date.

Bring your alumni directory to life - and give your alumni the engaging experience they deserve with 360Alumni!

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