Help Your Alumni Help Each Other

360Alumni’s Mentorship feature facilitates relationship building among your community members - helping alumni learn from each other. Increase the value of your network for both young and old alike, and drive peer-to-peer connections that strengthen the bonds of your community. Deepen the connections among the members of your school, nonprofit, or other organization by letting them benefit from the wisdom and guidance of their peers.

  • Customize Your Mentorship Program: You determine how it's designed. Tailor it to fit the unique needs of your alumni.
  • Advance Your Community: Professional guidance, mentor coaching, skill development
  • Get Relevant Data: Set the specific questions participants must answer
  • Help Match Mentor with Mentee: Set weekly notifications of all open mentorship posts to make it easy for them to find each other
  • Make it Easy: Allow participants to make a post to get help on a specific topic
  • Facilitate The Mentoring Relationship: Connect alumni with other alumni, alumni with current members/students, or even alumni with prospects

We understand that every mentorship program is unique. And we’re here to help you create one that works for you. When you work with 360Alumni, you have access to our people and experience building mentorship programs. We are here to help you plan and promote your mentorship program, and transform your alumni community into a valuable expert network.