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360Alumni Helps Higher Education Institutions Empower their Alumni & Increase Engagement

Maybe you have a website to communicate with your alumni. But how helpful is it for engagement? Static websites can be a one-way conversation. Why not create  thousands of two-way conversations?

Maybe you have an alumni community that fills only some of your needs, or several solutions that fill different needs - one to manage events, another to fundraise, and still another for your directory. Or maybe your community is up and running, but it just doesn't provide enough value to engage your alumni. 

360Alumni helps schools like yours keep alumni informed and engaged. Our platform helps colleges and universities stay relevant in the lives of their alumni while maintaining and cultivating goodwill. 360Alumni's all in one solution does it all:

Let 360Alumni help you tap into the sentiment and loyalty that a shared educational experience brings, and serve them in a way that delivers on your promise of an alumni network.

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