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Attract and Retain More Members with 360Alumni's Community Engagement Solutions

You provide a valuable resource for your members but retaining them is a challenge. You are competing for attention with social media, free online professional development, and niche organizations targeting your members. 

Poor engagement is the most common reason for non-renewals.1
That is why a community engagement platform is critical for optimizing all your member touch points.

When you partner with 360Alumni, we work with you to optimize your existing member relationships and provide even greater value and networking opportunities. Our integrated tools and functionality are designed to take your engagement efforts to the next level, with measurable results.

Paid Membership Management. Tracking paid membership in one dashboard means no one falls through the cracks. It's fast, easy and customizable. Your team gains time to do the work that matters most – more engagement with your members. 

Member Directory & Interactive Mapping.  Bring your membership directory to life. Easy visual searches based on detailed profiles makes finding like-minded members a snap. strengthens networks and increases retention. 

Affinity Groups. Keep your members coming back. Provide member-driven forums to meet, discuss and share common interests within a group of their peers.

Job Board. Connect members to their next job, We make it easy for staff, members or other constituents to post jobs, internships and volunteers opportunities.

Mentorship. Members, especially Gen Xers, are looking for advice and guidance from other professionals. And if you are looking to retain older members, becoming a mentor gives them a reason to stay involved. 

Emma® Integrated Email Marketing. Email is a vital communications channel. A recent study2 found that three-quarters of young members stated that digital newsletters and personalized emails were effective ways of keeping them informed and up-to-date.

Event Management. Networking events are important to your members. Maximize attendance. Take control and transform the way you organize and promote national, regional and local events.

Giving Back. Increase participation to support your foundation or charitable causes. Managing, promoting and collecting donations is easy and seamless.

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1Source: 2018 Mentorship Marketing Benchmark Report, Marketing General Inc.

2 Source: Young Members 2.0, Personify

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