360Alumni Helps Nonprofit Organizations Achieve Better Engagement & Fundraising Results

We understand that nonprofit organizations have unique needs and challenges. It's important to find meaningful ways to keep your members, volunteers and donors engaged so they continue to support your mission. That's why our software and support come together in a simple yet comprehensive solution that empowers your network, creating strong connections that give back, including: 

  • Easy-to-use suite of engagement and management tools, such as a dynamic map-based directory, member-created groups and forums, email marketing powered by Emma, professional jobs board, and mentorship networking opportunities.
  • End-to-end event management with easy share, calendar, map, and ticketing options to make your next gala a blowout!
  • Crowdfunding campaigns that are designed to launch quickly, integrate with groups and events, host supporting multimedia content, and enable social-sharing to extend reach and foster giving.
  • customized plan created for your organization, including how-to launch, promote, message and engage your constituent groups; making your community a vibrant, exciting venue where your people want to come back again and again; and where you can create  simple, yet engaging social campaigns for causes your donors care about.
  • Comprehensive profiles with Facebook & LinkedIn social sync, making it easy for your constituents to create a profile using their social sign-on credentials, plus Twitter & Instagram integration to showcase your organization's content.

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