User Groups

Provide Social Engagement On Your Alumni Platform

Provide a forum for your alumni to converge, discuss, and share common interests and conversations with a group of their peers. Whether it’s a graduation year, a related career, or a common interest or hobby, alumni can engage right on your school or organization's social media platform. Through an alumni community, you have connections you can trust.

  • Groups are Easy to Create and Easy to Join: Alumni can create local meetup groups, chat about personal interests, or even network professionally. Offering the ability to create and join groups makes it easy and more likely for them to connect and engage with each other based on common interests, strengthening alumni connections in an exclusive forum.
  • More Visibility into Alumni Engagement: Administrators can control and moderate groups, drive adoption and engagement, and help foster participation within your own community.
  • People are More Likely to join Alumni Groups: Participating in groups within your alma mater's social media platform is more personal than outside social media ones. Anyone can find a group using search filters such as location, profession, or interests. These micro-communities are a great way to stay connected and engage with fellow alumni.
  • Sample Groups:
    Local chapters (e.g. New York City Alumni)
    Graduates of a certain year (e.g. Class of ‘84)
    Alumni per industry (e.g. Advertising Professionals)
    Groups by interest (e.g. Marathon Runners Club, Basketball Fans)