360Alumni 6-Minute Product Tour

Better Engagement Starts with 360Alumni

Is your goal to increase engagement with constituents? That’s something a majority of organizations are trying to achieve. The key is finding a way to engage members in a way that’s not only beneficial to them, but also to your organization. Building a network of relationships that empowers members for a lifetime starts with 360Alumni.

We’re proud to provide a proven all-in-one solution to keep members of your online community engaged and coming back for more. 360Alumni makes it easy to build data, engagement, and advancement in organizations, both large and small.

One of our goals is to empower your members to take advantage of all their network has to offer on their own terms, and it doesn’t require you to oversee every single aspect of the experience. We’ve found a way to make the alumni management process a simpler one, with a number of best-in-class features that will make your job easier.

How much more enjoyable would your job be if you could:

  • Manage and promote events in minutes
  • Engage the right donors at the right time
  • Have a world-class email marketing platform to build targeted emails
  • Get access to both comprehensive and easy-to-use admin tools
  • Foster deeper connections by nurturing peer-to-peer engagement

360Alumni offers all of the above and more. Alumni and constituents are already invested in the network they’re a part of, so why not find a way for them to maximize its power? Our award-winning platform is the first place our clients’ members go to when they want to engage with fellow constituents. Check out our six-minute product tour to get an initial idea why, as we’ll cover social integration, map and directory, events, groups, mentorship, job board, fundraising, email marketing, and admin reporting.

Once you’ve finished watching, contact us to schedule a personalized demo to see how we can help take your online member community to the level you’ve been dreaming of it getting to. We’ve proven time and again that empowered networks give back. Join the movement to see first-hand how your organization and your members can reap the benefits year after year. 

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