Multisite Configuration Options

Tailor your 360Alumni account to your community's needs.

There are three different types of community sites you can use on 360Alumni:


Single Community

One community under one branding.
Admin, email marketing and data access permissions are granted to Alumni relations directors for each college on an as-needed basis.  Each can engage their alumni in their own group(s), and groups for multiple campuses can also be made. Dynamic groups can be auto-populated based on the alumni's degree/association(s). Events are visible to everyone in the community, as is the job board, campaigns and mentorship. 
Separate Sites
Multiple communities, each branded separately.
Directors for each network manage their own data and keep their alumni separate from the other communities. Integrations can be done with different CRM / student management systems for each campus as user records for different schools are associated with different client IDs.
A 10% discount on the setup charge is given for 3 or more separate sites. Custom integrations can be built to sync from multiple sites to a single CRM. 
Multisite Community - Available with our Team, Growth and Enterprise plans
Multiple connected sub-communities, branded separately, under one umbrella.
Create multiple subsites for different networks, each with its own distinct domain and theme.
Your alumni can search and interact with all alumni in your network, regardless of which subsite they are logged in to. Those not affiliated with a subsite (such as top level donors or employers) can engage on the main site. When a user creates a profile, an association with their school is made on their profile so they can be automatically included in the dynamic group for that school. Integration is best with a single CRM because all records are associated with a single client ID.

Multisite Pricing is in addition to your 360Alumni plan pricing:
1-3 Subsites: Each subsite is $1,500 for setup, $1,500 per year.  
4-8 Subsites: Each subsite is $1,400 for setup, $1,000 per year. 
9 or more Subsites: Each subsite is $1,200 for setup, $800 per year. 

Single Community

Multisite Community

Separate SITES

 One web address of your choice Multiple web addresses of your choice Multiple web addresses of your choice
 Single brand for organization.
Affiliation can be tracked in profiles.
Each subsite is distinctly branded Each community is distinctly branded
All users show in directory

Users from all sites show in directory
Groups, events & campaigns are common content

Each site shows a distinct user base in the directory
Groups, events & campaigns are distinct to each community
All postings show on the job board All postings in all subsites show on the job board  Jobs are distinct to each community 
 Single integration with your CRM  Single integration with your CRM  Multiple distinct integrations with single or multiple CRMs


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