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Our most recent platform updates are included below.  To see what's coming up, check out our Product Roadmap.


February 2017

Instagram Feed

Instagram is now a social option that you can add to your homepage wall feed.  Similar to the twitter feed you already have, you can now opt to include your organization's Instagram feed.  To activate, select Settings from your Admin Menu, and then select the Enable checkbox in the Instragram setup area. Next, choose your image layout from one of the available grids.  Note: You will need to obtain your Instagram access code to activate the feed from Instagram. Click on the❔ next to Access Code to learn where to obtain it from Instagram.

Message Event Attendees

Need to get a message to all your event attendees about a change to the event? Now you can!

Here's how:
1. Go to the Event.
2. Select the Manage Event dropdown > Manage Attendees.
3. Click the Send Message box (make sure the adjacent box says Attending) and start typing your message.

Your message will appear in Message section within the community.

TIP: If your users have previously created events, you may want to notify these users that they now have this capability.

Radius Search with Directory Map

In the Search Filter box for the Directory Map, users can enter a Location and a Radius around that location to search (in either miles or kilometers) for other alumni. 

TIP: This additional search capability is great for alumni looking for others within a certain distance of where they are - whether that's home or work or vacation. Let them know about this new search filter!

User Insight - Job Postings

Want more insight as to what jobs your power users are posting? Now you can through the User Insight page from your Admin menu. 

Here's how:
1. Admin > User Insight
2. Scroll down to Power Users Section > Posted Multiple Jobs
3. Click on the Jobs next to each user to see the specific jobs posted by this Power User.

Export Lists

Administrators can now export all users or selected users from their lists. Exported data reflects the data fields shown on the list page. Simply select the Export/Download option from the Bulk Actions menu within the specific list.

Events Display

We continue to enhance the user experience with Events. We have organized events into two tabs - Upcoming and Past, and all events are now displayed chronologically.

Profile Display Improvement

We have also improved the user experience when a user clicks on another profile name, image or avatar. Previously, this action would open a new browser window. Now the user will navigate to the profile page within the same window.

Non-approved Events Display Fix

If you are approving user-generated events, non-approved events will now no longer display in either Upcoming or Past.


january 2017

Time zones 

Time zone specification has been added to both events and user profile preferences. The Time Zone will automatically be detected for the user based on their location. However, if a user wants to change it, they can do so via the Edit Profile menu.

For events...admins and users can select the Time Zone that is applicable for the event they are creating! All time-stamps display in standard 12 hour AM/PM format.

Event Approvals

If you want more control over the events posted by your users, you can now turn on Event Approvals via Settings in your Admin Menu. If activated, any/all events created by users (non administrators) will result in a "pending" event, and will only show in the community when approved by an administrator. Admins will be notified of pending events by viewing the Approval Requests section in the Admin Menu.

TIP: If your users have previously created events, you may want to notify these users that you have modified this experience.

Event Page Layout

Additional tabs have been added to help organize and display events. These tabs now include: All Events, Official Events, My Past Events, My Upcoming Events helping users more easily navigate to these event types.

Career Data - Past Positions

We have extended the directory profile to enable you to capture an unlimited amount of past positions and companies from your users. Each position/career field can be dragged and dropped, allowing users to easily control the sequence of their past positions. A checkbox has also been added to enable users to easily check the position that is their most current place of employment.

TIP: Reach out to your activated users to let them know they can now add more past positions and manage their order, in their profile. The richer their profile - the deeper their networking potential!

Click on a Profile Picture

They now pop out to display a larger image of the uploaded profile picture! 

Search Result - Pagination Fix

Some users experienced issues when navigating to subsequent pages in their directory search or list pages. This issue has been fixed so that when users navigate to any page within their directory search results or list pages, the content and page listings display accurately.