Platform Updates

April 2020

New Features:

Custom Terms and Conditions

Any user activating or creating an account in a 360Alumni community must agree to our Standard Terms of Service  and our Privacy Policy, and we now support a customized link in this field. If you would like to include additional language to our Terms of Service please send your desired additions and redactions to Once approved, we will create a customized version of the page just for your organization.

Custom Terms and Conditions

Alternate Label for Job Board

As previously shared, you can now use many more labels for jobs, and even add your own. Here are some creative ways we've seen clients use the job board since we released this feature a few months ago: Advocacy, Available for Hire, Award/Contest, Board Position, Conference/Event, Fellowship, Scholarship, Leadership Development Opportunity, Project, Seasonal, Training... the list goes on!

We continue to add flexibility in the way features are described and labeled, including adding the option to rename your job section as "Opportunities". To go beyond "Jobs", go to the "General" tab in General Settings and specify 'Opportunities' under "Enable Job Board". 

Alternate Label for Job Board

Instagram Feeds are BACK

As you may recall the service we used for social feeds recently deprecated their support for Instagram. Our developers have restored this feature! To turn yours back on, go to General settings, "Homepage" tab. In the Instagram section, click "enable", fill in your Instagram username and click 'Get Access Token' to authorize 360Alumni to display your instagram feed on your community home page.

Merging User Records

Our internal user record merge tool is done and already in use by our Support team. While it will be a few months before this feature is available for our clients, we are now able to immediately process merge requests! We will be clearing backlog over the next few weeks, then starting proactive user record maintenance projects with each of our clients. To help us manage workflow better, please send merge requests once you have at least 5 pairs. All we need are the two 360Alumni user IDs, which are found at the end of the URL for their profile page.

Better Help Section

The 'help center' dropdown under your username now links to the 360Alumni Knowledge Base, which has a plethora of helpful articles, as well and our support email and phone number.

"My History" Improvements

A user can always see their history of giving, event attendance and membership purchases by going to "My History" in the profile menu. We shortened the page URL, improved the links that display on each tab when there is no history, and cleaned up the button designs.

January 2020

Squashed Bugs & Improvements

  • Resume Sync is a great way for users to upload their resume and fill out their profile in a few clicks. The API issue  causing the "Sync with Resume" option on Edit Profile to fail has now been resolved.
  • Duplicate mobile navigation in events and campaigns has been consolidated to one native device menu.
  • Users who sent an in-app message to a large list of recipients would sometimes experience a time-out error. We have been implementing a new messaging system platform-wide which makes report generation and email notifications faster and more reliable, and this was one of the first bugs we fixed with it. We also used this infrastructure upgrade to fix the "New Records" and "Updated Records" reports, which had no data in the CSV export.  
  • Links on discussion board posts were adding a < character upon user previewing the rich link content before clicking 'Post', causing the links to break. The issue has been fixed.
  • The Activities feature, which lets you create, assign and complete tasks and notes related to individual users, now has a character counter in both text fields. We are standardizing counters throughout the platform with our new design framework project (see below). 
  • User profile section order was not being followed as specified in client settings. This issue has been fixed. To reorder or hide profile sections, go to General Settings > User Profile Sections.
  • New Homepage Headlines URL validation. We've implemented a smart check to ensure any URL entered must be correctly formatted. We are implementing this new validation everywhere links are stored and displayed.
  • Cache Busting: Previously, some fixes required our users to clear their cache to see the changes. Our team has addressed this to ensure that every time we deploy updates, you'll immediately see the latest version of any page or feature.  
  • The keyword search on mentorship was not working correctly. It is fixed now.

October 2019

NEW! Unlisted Events

Event organizers can now mark an event as 'unlisted'; which means the event will not be shown on the events page to anyone but admins and the event creator. This is helpful for local events related to specific cohorts, chapters or groups within your community.  When an unlisted event is created, notifications will not be sent out - giving you complete control over who needs to know about it. We’ve kept it easy for anyone to register for an unlisted event - whether logged in or not, anyone with the link to an unlisted event can RSVP. 


Refunds will show in the receipt report for the month in which the refund was processed.  Previously they showed in the month of the original transaction. Thanks to some back end enhancements, you can now request a refund any time within 120 days of the original transaction. 

Previously it was not possible to issue a refund if those funds had already been disbursed.  Now you’ll be able to request a refund even if the funds were disbursed, as long as there are sufficient funds in your fulfillment account to cover the balance.  And great news - by the end of Q1 2020, all administrators and event organizers will be able to instantly approve and process refunds on their own. Click here for more details on how to refund a user. 


Communities - whether digital or physical - should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we’ve been working hard to achieve WCAG 2.0 Level AA accessibility standards throughout the entire 360Alumni platform. Accessibility helps anyone with visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, language, learning and neurological disabilities use the web more easily. We’re proud to say that 360Alumni is almost fully compliant with WCAG 2.0 Level AA requirements now, with final updates pertaining to integrated third party tools slated for 2020.

General Updates

  • Log in with Secondary Email - Your users can now use either their primary or secondary email to log in, activate their account, or reset their password. This helps reduce the creation of duplicate accounts.
  • Customize Your Account Approval/Rejection Messages - You can now customize the message that is sent to a new user when their account is approved or rejected. Our default message displays if a custom message is not specified. Find the feature in General Settings > General tab > Custom Welcome Messages.
  • Better Performance in the Message Center - The message center has been refactored so that users with a large amount of messages or history will now experience a quick page load.
  • General Settings Page Design Updates - We’ve consolidated the layout in the General Settings tab into expandable sections for easier viewing and navigation.
  • Placeholder Images for Groups, Events & Campaigns - Previously if no image was uploaded when creating a Group, Event or Campaign, empty image spaces would show throughout the community where these items were displayed. Now you’ll see a series of placeholder images if no image was uploaded.
  • Custom Job Type Labels - Several clients have asked for the ability to create custom job types. Now it’s here! If Full Time, Part Time, Volunteer, Internship and Fellowship aren’t enough to meet the needs of your constituency, you can go to the General Settings page and click 'edit job types' to select additional options or add your own. 

Data & Reporting

Access to the CSV that includes all transactions has been restored on the Receipt Reporting page. Look for the download icon on the right.

A 'Private' toggle will now appear next to the 'Date of Birth' profile field on the edit profile page. Even though this is a static toggle (meaning users cannot make this public), we added it based on the feedback from many users that they were concerned that this data was visible to other users. This field has always been private and will remain that way. The toggle is simply a visible cue to users to the privacy of this data.

Upgraded Download Records Report: The UX for selecting the fields for your profile download records report has been redesigned and enhanced to include home and work country address values. All profile fields except custom multi-field data are now available in this report.

Bug Fixes

  • The RSVP notification that is sent to event organizers has been fixed.
  • Custom homepage headlines titles were not saving and also displaying as 'unlisted'. This has been fixed to display whatever title you establish.
  • The Add member to group 'plus' button has been fixed.
  • We discovered an issue within smart lists where if a user no longer met the established list criteria, they were not being removed from the list totals. This has been fixed. 
  • In the footer, longer organization names always display now in their entirety (previously they were truncated with ellipses). 
  • The bug pertaining to removing an attendee from an event has been fixed. The correct success confirmation message appears now.

July 2019

EVENTS – Capture custom information for more effective events

There are times when you want to collect more than the basic event registration information. Now with unlimited custom fields, all your event-specific attendee data is captured directly to your attendee reports.  Plus, we added a character counter for custom event and custom ticket fields, no more guessing how much copy to type.  And don't forget custom fields are available for event tickets, too!

Ideas for using custom event fields:

  • Name Tags: Allow attendees to add a preferred name.
  • Mobility Needs: Request a wheelchair or other assistance.
  • Volunteer Recruiting: Ask if the person wants to help with the event.
  • Attendee Gifts: Collect T-shirt sizes.


Add events to calendars with just one click

Add events to personal calendars with a click. Every time someone receives an on-screen RSVP confirmation, a pop-up appears with a prompt to add the event to a personal calendar. 

Add events to calendars with just one click

Discussion Boards – Individual thread replies for more dynamic engagement

Members can now reply directly to another member’s comment or reply, creating a new conversation thread. This allows for more dynamic and lively discussions, and greater community engagement. This applies to discussion boards in Groups, Event and Fundraising. 

Discussion Boards

Receipt Report Redesign - Fresh new look for easy reviewing

The new report layout displays all your receipt information in an easy to view, usable format.  We've also added Membership Management transactions. The report is accessed via the administrator dashboard.

Receipt Report Redesign

General Updates

"Alumni" changed to "Member" - The word "alumni" is not applicable to all client community members (i.e. all-female communities). We have created an optional setting to replace hard-coded instances of alumni with member. To change the setting contact

Returning Users Redirect. We have updated the logic to cookies so that users are directed to the login page for a better user experience. Prior to this change, users were directed to the registration page.

Job Board. "Employer title" has been added the the job posting use notification. 

User Profile. Changed the title of the user 'Maiden Name' field to 'Former Name'.

Data & Reporting

Download Report. These fields were added/modified:

  • All name fields are now included, and within separate columns.
  • Consolidation of 'career data' to one field 'Experience' [title, employer]   
  • Home and work address state. (Home and work country will be available soon.)   
  • User's public/private settings can now also be exported. 
  • 'Complex/compound' custom fields were added.  Each custom field is in a separate column with line breaks separating the values.

Other Updates

  • Exposed new user data as endpoints within our API: Publications, Languages, Education libraries, as well as custom fields and association fields.
  • Addition of new fields to the user record import process and template: Admin notes and the ability to import complex custom fields. 

Bug Fixes

  • All Group media carousel images are now displaying correctly (blurry images was the issue). 
  • The Favicon mobile icon now consistently displays the client mobile logo. 
  • 'IsActive' filter within download records report is now returning results.

April 2019

Introducing Membership Management

360Alumni's new Membership Management suite lets you manage and track paid memberships right from your community. Your members get a seamless paid membership enrollment experience, and access to all the other sections of the online community: your directory, user groups, job board, mentorship section, events and fundraising campaigns.


  • Unlimited membership types
  • Multiple payment options including credit card, check, ACH, waived & cash
  • Automatic renewal reminders
  • Member export reports

Membership Management

Want to learn more?  Click here for more details.

Homescreen Mobile Icon: One touch access to your community

360Alumni-hosted communities are 100% mobile responsive and can now be quickly accessed with a home screen icon with your logo on it. Your community members can easily create an app-like shortcut on mobile phones and tablets, which brings them directly to your alumni community platform. 

Homescreen Mobile Icon

Click here for instructions to set up your mobile icon

Feature & Function Updates/Enhancements:

Activity Management 

In December we released the ability to create tasks pertaining to individual users, and assign them to fellow administrators.  We recently added sorting and other functions to the "All Activities" report. Click here to learn more about this feature.

Activity Management


  • In the admin proxy registration process, we added the ability to edit and add additional tickets.
  • On the 'view attendees' page, we added current 'count' or users registered in the ticket type list.
  • A search function was added on the manage attendees page.
  • The registration confirmation email 'send' frequency was updated so attendees receive these emails more quickly.

User Profiles

  • Users and admins can edit certain data directly on the "view profile" page by clicking the pencil icon.
  • More complex user profile data can be stored in the multi-field and/or multi-row custom fields.
  • Home and work address privacy settings are now controlled separately by the user, allows for one private and one public.
  • Presentations and Publications fields were added, prefect for adding links to published papers, audition reels, etc.
  • The 'association' field title(s) now display client defined titles; no longer hard-coded.

Admin Dashboard & Tools

User Insights

  • Recent Activity Tool - Added count of messages sent so you can see how many messages were sent from users in a given period of time.

Transaction Processing

  • Added language to transaction receipt emails to inform the end user that 360Alumni is the listed 'merchant' on credit card transactions.

 Report Exports

  • Added 'active since' field in the download records export/report.  

Message Center

  • The notification and message center counts are now accurate. 

Connect & Directory

  • Using  +/-, you can see a world map with all your user pin locations at one glance.
  • In the Directory, the specified term "Year" now shows as a filter (i.e. Graduation Year, Social Class Year, Program Year)
  • The association field data was added to the 'My Lists' export function. 


  • Added a user's mentorship engagement  type  (mentor or mentee) to the right sidebar on the user profile.

Learn more about our Mentorship tools or talk to your Client Success Manager.


  • DonorPerfect is our latest integration and it is now available to all clients. 
  • Salesforce and Raiser's Edge integrations are almost ready!

Please email us if you want to discuss integrations or talk to your Client Success Manager.

Here is additional integration information.



  • We are upgrading our servers and configuration to accommodate significant increases in traffic and refactoring queries on the slower loading pages

API- Expanded the endpoints that are available within our API

  • Salesforce-related data
  • Education history is available in our user profile API.
  • Link to the user's profile available in our API. Clients with integrations can go straight to a user's 360Alumni profile from in their integrated system.

November 2018

Introducing Activities: CRM functionality right inside your community

This add-on premium feature is available for all 360Alumni clients to use for FREE until January 1, 2019.

Now there's no need to keep your to-dos on sticky notes or spreadsheets, or even in another system. With our new Activities feature, Community admins can easily delegate and keep track of all activities right from the 360Alumni platform. That means everything is integrated and at your fingertips in our new Activity Dashboard. Use activities to follow up with volunteers, leaders and agents or to track the development of important donor relationships.

Assigning a task is easy, While on a user's profile, scroll down to 'Activities' and click Add. Fill in the date due, assign the task, type in the subject, notes and select the status.


  • Eliminates the need for other activity-tracking software
  • Fully integrated into 360Alumni platform
  • Activity Dashboard to view and manages tasks

Introducing Activities1Introducing Activities2

Profile Page: New look, customizable layout

There are two major enhancement to the Profile pages.

1) The User Profile Page has a sleek new look, new content and tabs to access contact information and resumes.  What you get is a more robust and user-friendly page that your users will really appreciate.

  • Quick Tabs make it easy to quickly view users contact info and link to their resume. 
  • New Mentorship engagement data on the right sidebar, in addition to Events, Jobs Shared, Group Membership and Giving history.  

Profile Page

2) Now you can customize the profile page layout by dragging and dropping sections. This allows you to put the most relevant content for your users up top. Go to Settings/User Profile Sections to make your changes.

Profile Page2

Resume Sync: A quick way for users to update their profile info

A user always wants their most current info in their profile - this is especially important when employers and other community members are searching for talent that matches job opportunities.

Resume Sync

Hyperlinked Custom Fields: Facilitates a more engaging profile experience

We've added a new type of custom field. Users can now add a hyperlink that connects to special content. This could be a reel, portfolio or presentation - whatever type of content you specify in the name of this custom field. 

To use this feature go to General Settings/User Profile Fields/Add Custom Fields. Select 'Link' from the drop-down.

Hyperlinked Custom Fields

Job Posting Approvals: Gives you total control

We added a new Administrator Approval workflow option so you can approve all new user-posted jobs. The approval requests will appear on the Admin Tool drop-down under Approval/Jobs.

Job Posting Approval

Deactivated User Report:  Track and Reactivate on the same page

A Deactivated User report is now available on User Insights on the "Inactive Profiles" tab, at the bottom of the page. You can review the report, go to a user's record and simply click to reactivate a user's account. 

Deactivated User Report

If you have questions about any of the new enhancements and updates to the platform, please contact

September 2018

Navigation Redesign: Keyboard accessible, reorganized features & faster loading

We’ve regrouped key features and titles of the main menu into a more logical format for both desktop and mobile users, including changing the Directory menu to “Connect” and the addition of the "Resources" menu. The Resources menu offers flexibility to add links to outside resources.


  • Mobile menu optimized for accessibility and touch screen functionality.
  • Your logo will now bring you back to the home page.
  • Design upgrades you’ll love: new colors, icons, fonts, spacing, auto sliding menus, and new click actions.
  • The administrator dashboard has been moved from the main menu bar and now resides under the 'gear' icon in the far-right corner.

Navigation Redesign1

Navigation Redesign2

Navigation Redesign3

Job Board Redesign: Includes Apply Now feature!

You can now see many more jobs listed on the page, and we’ve added the ability for users to apply to the job, right from your community!  They simply click “Apply Now”, upload a resume, write or paste their cover letter, and send.  Note: if a job does not have an email included for applications, the “Apply Now” option will not be available.


  • New Job Flags allows job seekers to quickly scan for the latest job posts.  
  • The Job Notification link is re-positioned to encourage engagement

Tip: Promote the Job Board enhancements among all your alumni - send an email, add a headline with a link to the jobs page.  And don’t forget to let your most engaged business partners and employers know about the opportunity to hire from your alumni base!

Job Board Redesign

Job Board Redesign2

Custom Field: Now with Custom Title & Section Description

Custom fields used to show on a user’s “Edit Profile” page under “Other”. Now you can customize that name (i.e. “Contact Preferences”, “Casting Info”) and add a descriptor below it for the section.

Custom Links: Footer and Menus 

To the right of the social share icons, you now have the option to add one or two additional links.

Custom Links Footer and Menus 

You can now manage your own custom menu, called “Resources”. Go to Settings > General to add and edit these links.

Custom Links Footer and Menus2

New Bulk Actions: In Groups

As an admin or a group admin, you can now select multiple or all group members to message, download or copy to a list. This is the same feature used in the directory list view.

Full Street Address: Option to Display on User Profiles

If the user has their address set to “Public” and you have this option on, the full mailing address will show when other users view a profile. To turn this option on, go to General Settings > User Profile Fields and check “SHOW FULL MAILING/HOME ADDRESS”.

Download Records: Expanded Features

The Download Records field selector has three new data points available for export. Terms and Conditions shows when the user activated their account (useful for GDPR compliance), Last Login data is now available, and so are all your Admin Notes.

Download Records

Other Enhancements

  • Added 'JD' to the degree drop down options in the education section of user profiles
  • Added character counter for custom field names.
  • Admins can now set a default notification of new events for all users that factors in a geographic radius from their own home address. If you apply this setting, when an event in San Francisco is announced, users in Hong Kong won’t receive an email.
  • To improve the quality of the LinkedIn links in profile, we’ve added a tool tip on the Edit Profile page that explains how to obtain a correct LinkedIn profile URL.
  • Fixed the image selection when sharing content to Facebook 

If you have questions about any of the new enhancements and updates to the platform contact

May 2018

Custom Login Page

The first thing your constituents see upon entering your community will be an image that reflects your organization. We also re-organized the login and activation areas for a better UX. In addition, you can change the login page and welcome messages from the Settings option in your Admin Menu. NOTE: You can change your login page image anytime, please Contact our Support Team for details.

Custom Login Page

Google sign in

Google login has been added to the existing Facebook and LinkedIn social sign in options for your community. Users will have the option to allow their gmail email and head-shot image to be uploaded to their profile with this login.

Google sign in

New - Upload Resume to Profile

Help facilitate even more career networking opportunities for your constituents by enabling them to upload their resume to their profile.   Users can upload their resume from the Edit Profile page. Resumes will remain in the profile and are downloadable by other community uses until the owner (or admin) removes it.  PDF file format only, 10MB maximum file size.

New - Upload Resume to Profile

Upload Documents to Groups

Upload Documents to Groups

Group Organizers can now share more information with their groups by uploading documents directly to their Group! Documents will reside in a new document library area from within the Group. Great for meeting minutes, instructional content, messaging scripts, project plans and more! 

Organizers can upload documents via the Manage Group menu and all Group members can download the documents in the Documents section within their Group. MS Office files and PDFs are supported, 10MB maximum per file.

Upload Documents to Groups2

Privacy and Notification Settings

Admins can now manage the Profile Privacy and Notification settings for both active and inactive users, empowering you to determine the right levels of notifications that fit the needs and expectations of your constituency.  For example, an admin can now determine that inactive users will not display their Class Year, but when users activate their profile, Class Year will default to "on". Users individual settings always take precedence over the default settings. Go to Settings option in your Admin menu and select the Privacy & Notifications link to see all the available options.

Privacy and Notification Settings

Directory Search Filters

Directory Search filters are now configurable and can include as many custom fields as you deem appropriate, giving your users even more searchable options to build their own networks.  Admin-only fields will not be searchable. Accessible from the Settings option in your Admin menu, select User Profile Fields and choose which fields should appear in the Search Filters of the Directory.

Directory Search Filters feb 2018-1

Education History Fields

Admins can now include Education History fields to enable their users to include additional degrees earned at other institutions, thereby reflecting their entire educational history within the profile of your community. These fields use common libraries of institution names and degree values, and can be activated or deactivated as needed by administrators.

Squashed Bugs/Improvements:

  • Profile - Fixed the industry field search.
  • Groups - Added "View All Members" to the Manage Group menu.
  • Group Location Function - Specifying a group's location now displays appropriately on the Group page.
  • Message Center - Notification alerts are now active for replies.
  • Group - Posts entered via iPhone's were intermittently causing errors, this has been fixed.

February 2018

Directory search filters, new standardized profile fields for skills, industry and languages, and new export data capabilities for administrators were our main focus for this release, plus several items in events, headlines, campaigns and sponsors. Read on for details.

Directory Search Filters

Directory Search Filters feb 2018

Previously, users had to click to open the filter box to search for specific criteria within the online directory. The filter box would remain open and cover part of the map (or listing view) until users selected the control to close the box. Now, the directory search page is redesigned with a revised search interface that is persistent on both the map and list pages, making it easier to change the search parameters to find other alumni. In addition, the search now includes a newly labeled keyword search box that searches on name and bio, a new Email field search, plus searches for the new Skills, Industry and Languages profile fields. Your constituents can quickly change their search criteria without having to open and close the filters - helping them connect with each other and build their networking lists faster than before!

NEW - Profile Fields for Skills, Industry and Languages

With many users now syncing their online directory profiles with their LinkedIn profile, we extended the 360Alumni profile database to include LinkedIn data sets such as Skills, Industry and Languages. These fields are standard across all clients, and clients can choose to deactivate these fields as needed.  

  • The Skills field is a multi-select option from a list ofover 60,000 skills.
  • The Industry field also allows users to choose multiple industries. The Industry database is pulled from LinkedIn.
  • The Language field allows users to select multiple languages and then choose a proficiency level per language. Thelanguage and proficiency listsare also pulled from theLinkedIn developer toolkit. Enhancement Sneak-Peek: These standardized fields will be part of future matching functionality related to upcoming enhancements to the Jobs and Mentorship features later this year.

    Note: For clients that are using Tags to capture some of these values and want to discuss options for using these new fields, please contact

Full Data Export For Administrators

Now Administrators can export any combination of data fields in the directory as needed.  Simply select ALL or choose the specific fields to export.  Exports are downloaded as CSV files for easy import into excel, google sheets or importing into your main CRM.  

See the New Custom Export in Action:

Squashed Bugs/Improvements:

  • Profile - Remind users to save changes (Navigation Warning Message).
  • Events - When marking an event as OFFICIAL, it is given prioritization to display ahead of other events on the events page.
  • Settings, Administrators - Administrators will now display alphabetically on this page.
  • Headlines - Track creator of headline for activity feed.
  • Added group headlines to group activity feed.Mentorship - Updated label on the private messaging button.
  • Notifications - Do not send admin notification when admin logs a donation.
  • Campaigns - Display of 'start xxx days ago' on fundraising page.
  • Add Sponsor - Can now paste content in the "Create Sponsor" description field.

January 2018

Bulk Message Approval

Up until now, there were no limits for messages sent by users within the platform, and no visibility for administrators to see the messaging activity. Now, administrators can set limits (default is currently set to 50) to the number of emails included in a message before approval is required. With that, administrators will be able to monitor and approve messages sent to more than their designated limit. This gives you insight into how your members are communicating with others, and protects your constituents from spam or abuse.

This feature has already been turned on for you, with a recipient limit set to 50. To edit the setting, go to Admin > Settings in your community. When users send a message to more than the designated number of recipients, they are alerted that their message needs approval. Users can then proceed and submit it for approval, or cancel and edit the message.

Administrators will be notified of requests and can review and then either approve and send the message, or reject it. The sender is notified once this action is taken. The feature gives you a way to not only protect your community members, but see how your users are engaging in the community.

Mentorship Program

If you haven't been using 360Alumni's mentorship program, now's the time to take another look! We've added support for mentor and mentee posts, and community members can now join the program by designating whether they are looking for help or here to help. Posts can also be searched by type. Additionally, administrators can now offer guidelines/instructions for mentors which are different from the instructions for mentees. We have also removed the 3-month expiration date on posts. 

Group Headlines

Group admins can now designate a unique name for their headlines such as "News" or "Latest Announcements." Also, a placeholder image will no longer display when no image is available for the headline.

Groups Page

For those groups with a location, the city, state and country of group now shows on the groups information card.

Refund Requests

Non-responsive issue has been fixed.

Invite Others to an Event

Admins and users' ability to invite others to events has been restored. Admin's ability to invite others to events they aren't themselves attending will be added soon.

My History

Donations and event attendance have been separated into two tables.

Report Post in Groups, Events & Campaigns Media Carousel

The icon has been updated to a "⚠️" symbol. 

Media Carousel

Right click options have been enabled, e.g. open image in tab, save as..., copy image, copy image url, etc.


"None Selected" is now hidden when no tags have been selected by the user.

December 2017

Groups Updates & Headlines

Groups have a fresh new design and may have their own headlines. Admins and group organizers now have a more 'official' location to post the latest news and important links pertaining to their groups. Simply navigate to the edit group page and click 'Manage Headlines.' Each headline you add will be prominently displayed on your groups page. 

Facebook Feed

We have added a Facebook feed plugin to accompany your Instagram and Twitter social media feeds on the right-hand margin of the home page!

To set this up:

1. Go to Settings in the Administrator menu
Click on the homepage tab
3. Select the 'Get Facebook Code Instructions' link and follow the steps from there.

October 2017

Homepage Headlines

Do you want to display an RSS feed for news, videos, and articles but also be able to push manual homepage headlines? Good news, now you can! The homepage headlines section now has the ability to host an RSS feed, and allow for administrators to publish manual headlines. Administrators can also set priority on which content displays at the top.

Multiple Twitter Accounts

You can now showcase multiple twitter accounts to feed into the twitter wall on your homepage. Within the settings page, you can add each additional twitter account. Users can adjust which twitter accounts they'd like to see tweets from by clicking the gear icon on the twitter wall.

Login Page Background

You can now include a separate image or logo to appear as a "wallpaper" on the sign-up/log-in landing page. We will make this feature available to administrators in the near future, but for the time being, please work with the support team to apply any images. Note that images must be .png formatted with transparent backgrounds.

Privacy Toggles

We have added privacy toggles to all custom fields within a user's profile. We have also updated tool tips to better explain what happens when a user marks specific data as private. For example: if a user marks their location as private, they will not appear within the directory map, however they will still appear within the directory listing. Full address information is never displayed on a user's profile page, and we have implemented security measures to ensure the user's location is protected.

Group Data Access

Administrators," which allows group organizers to pull a report of all available information on their group members.

Report a Post

If you see something, say something. Users can now report an inappropriate post or comment within a discussion board. The content owner along with all administrators are immediately notified and may take action accordingly. 


Tired of seeing a blank avatar associated with user profiles? Say no more - we've adopted a new design for profiles without photos. We will now display the user's initials.

Messaging Text Editor

We've added a text editor to the message center! Users and administrators can now apply additional formatting (e.g. bold, hyperlinks, etc.) to their messages within the 360Alumni community. 

Google Analytics Tag

At 360Alumni, metrics and analytics are an important part of monitoring and improving your community in order to provide a better experience for your alumni. We learn a lot about your alumni through Google Analytics, and now you can too! If you have a Google Analytics environment, you can create a new property and grab the snippet. You can then add the snippet on the settings page to track all of your user's data within the alumni community.

July 2017

Dynamic Groups

Now, administrators can create groups that are automatically populated based on users' associations. For example, if you use Association Field 1 to indicate school attended, you can have a dynamic group for "Law School," and all users who list that they have attended the law school in their profiles will automatically be a member of this group.   

Multiple Group Organizers

Administrators can also add additional group organizers with different roles - either Standard or User Control. The Standard role allows the user to have edit permissions for the group, while the User Control role grants them both group edit permissions as well as the ability to edit the profiles of the members of the group. 

Notification Preferences for Individual Groups & Post Moderation

Directly on the group page, every user now has the ability to opt in or out of notifications that pertain to that group. Additionally, administrators and group organizers can now delete any user comments within discussion boards, if any inappropriate comments are made.

Smart Lists

You can now save a map & directory filter search as a Smart List. This list is always up-to-date, so if you want to send a message to all alumni within 25 miles of New York City, simply run a search and save it as a smart list. As your users update their profiles, so will the results of your Smart List. You can also view these smart lists on the map by clicking the "Show on Map" button. Additionally, Smart Lists may be synced with your EMMA account by simply clicking "Add to Emma."

Map Refactor Complete

Clustering is now used when 1500 or more pins would otherwise appear on your view. To make things easier, we've also added a legend to indicate the pin density of each cluster. Additionally, we've made dozens of other back end optimizations to significantly speed up map load times.

Improved Link Posting

Now when posting links in a discussion board or adding media to an event, do it with confidence. We heard the feedback regarding "unlinkable" pages causing timeouts and have reduced restrictions on these links to allow users to link to pages with little or no metadata. Additionally in the media carousel, if the page is missing a title or description, you can edit it prior to posting.

Association Management

Administrators can now add, edit, and remove options for Association Fields 1 and 2. Simply go to the "User Profile Fields" tab on your settings page to make any updates. If you need to delete an association option that has users linked with it, please email, and we'll discuss the best way to handle it in terms of your user data.

Multi-Site Communities

360Alumni now offers branded subsites, which have a different theme and URL, but share from the same user database and content. If you'd like to learn more about these options, please email Christina Balotescu.

May 2017

Emma Email Marketing

Emma email marketing is now available to be configured for your 360Alumni community! The initial targeting fields include profile data such as year, home or career location, activation status, tags and last activity date range. Create dynamic lists within Emma and send targeted emails to your heart's content.  

Note: We are enabling Emma on a site by site basis and will be in touch with you to coordinate.

Limited Access Users

As you know, non-community members can RSVP to events or contribute to fundraising campaigns. Whenever this occurs, a limited access account is created for those individuals. Administrators can now view those accounts by navigating to the "Limited Access Users" tab and manage their access accordingly, including granting full access as needed.

Job Board Enhancements

Job posters may now mark a job as "Global" if it is a work-from-home or similar remote position. Additionally, jobs may now be posted and sorted by type, i.e. Full Time, Part Time, Volunteer, and Internship. 

User Lookup

This new functionality will allow administrators to "look up" users by name and/or email when entering an  event registration on behalf of a user and/or manually logging a donation.  This ensures that each record is associated with the appropriate user account to help prevent the creation of duplicate records.

Multi-Language Site

¡Hola! 360Alumni is now officially a multi-language site. You can enable the feature in the Admin Settings; this causes language selection links to appear in the bottom right corner of the page (in the footer). Users can currently choose between English and Español, with more languages coming soon. 

March 2017

Videos, Photos, & Rich Links

You can now upload photos, embed videos, and add rich text links to:

-Campaigns (admins only)
-Events (event owners & admins)
-Groups (group organizers & admins)

All discussion boards and comment threads are also capable of displaying rich links now. This will let your users liven up their conversations by sharing engaging content easily and interactively with their network.

TIP: Simply follow the prompts to upload photos and other content. Videos and rich text links are automatically formatted & populated by providing a url, for example: 

Groups, Events, & Campaigns Redesign

The landing pages for our main features have been redesigned to better display the underlying content. The new layout ensures that pictures, videos, and all other content are prominently displayed in a more visually appealing and organized manner!

TIP: Encourage your group owners and event creators to add multimedia content to their groups and events so it looks dazzling. And inform users that they can post rich links in their comments to add depth and interest to their conversations! There is no limit to how much may be posted. 

Deeper LinkedIn® Integration

Say goodbye to keeping information up to date on multiple platforms. An "in SYNC PROFILE" button now appears on the Edit Profile page which allows a one-click synchronization of data from a user's LinkedIn profile to their 360Alumni profile. The fields captured include: Name, Photo, About Me, Email, Industry, Current Job Title, Current Company, and LinkedIn Profile URL. 

February 2017

Instagram Feed

Instagram is now a social option that you can add to your homepage wall feed. Similar to the twitter feed you already have, you can now opt to include your organization's Instagram feed. To activate, select Settings from your Admin Menu, and then select the Enable checkbox in the Instragram setup area. Next, choose your image layout from one of the available grids.  

You will need to obtain your Instagram access code to activate the feed from Instagram. Click on the❔ next to Access Code to learn where to obtain it from Instagram.

Message Event Attendees

Need to get a message to all your event attendees about a change to the event? Now you can! 

Here's how:

1. Go to the Event.
2. Select the Manage Event dropdown > Manage Attendees.
3. Click the Send Message box (make sure the adjacent box says Attending) and start typing your message.

Your message will appear in Message section within the community.

TIP: If your users have previously created events, you may want to notify these users that they now have this capability.

Radius Search with Directory Map

In the Search Filter box for the Directory Map, users can enter a Location and a Radius around that location to search (in either miles or kilometers) for other alumni. 

TIP: This additional search capability is great for alumni looking for others within a certain distance of where they are - whether that's home or work or vacation. Let them know about this new search filter!

User Insight - Job Postings

Want more insight as to what jobs your power users are posting? Now you can through the User Insight page from your Admin menu. 

Here's how:

1. Admin > User Insight
2. Scroll down to Power Users Section > Posted Multiple Jobs
3. Click on the Jobs next to each user to see the specific jobs posted by this Power User.

Export Lists

Administrators can now export all users or selected users from their lists. Exported data reflects the data fields shown on the list page. Simply select the Export/Download option from the Bulk Actions menu within the specific list.

Events Display

We continue to enhance the user experience with Events. We have organized events into two tabs - Upcoming and Past, and all events are now displayed chronologically.

Profile Display Improvement

We have also improved the user experience when a user clicks on another profile name, image or avatar. Previously, this action would open a new browser window. Now the user will navigate to the profile page within the same window.

Non-Approved Events Display Fix

If you are approving user-generated events, non-approved events will now no longer display in either Upcoming or Past.

January 2017

Time Zones

Time zone specification has been added to both events and user profile preferences. The Time Zone will automatically be detected for the user based on their location. However, if a user wants to change it, they can do so via the Edit Profile menu.

For events...admins and users can select the Time Zone that is applicable for the event they are creating! All time-stamps display in standard 12 hour AM/PM format.

Event Approvals

If you want more control over the events posted by your users, you can now turn on Event Approvals via Settings in your Admin Menu. If activated, any/all events created by users (non administrators) will result in a "pending" event, and will only show in the community when approved by an administrator. Admins will be notified of pending events by viewing the Approval Requests section in the Admin Menu.

TIP: If your users have previously created events, you may want to notify these users that you have modified this experience.

Event Page Layout

Additional tabs have been added to help organize and display events. These tabs now include: All Events, Official Events, My Past Events, My Upcoming Events helping users more easily navigate to these event types.

Career Data - Past Positions

We have extended the directory profile to enable you to capture an unlimited amount of past positions and companies from your users. Each position/career field can be dragged and dropped, allowing users to easily control the sequence of their past positions. A checkbox has also been added to enable users to easily check the position that is their most current place of employment.

TIP: Reach out to your activated users to let them know they can now add more past positions and manage their order, in their profile. The richer their profile - the deeper their networking potential!

Click on a Profile Picture

They now pop out to display a larger image of the uploaded profile picture! 

Search Result - Pagination Fix

Some users experienced issues when navigating to subsequent pages in their directory search or list pages. This issue has been fixed so that when users navigate to any page within their directory search results or list pages, the content and page listings display accurately.