Creating a User Profile

Create a Profile to share across your community. Update your profile often to increase your chance of being found in a community search and growing your own personal and professional network.

Step 1: After Logging in to Your 360Alumni Community Website

Look for your name in the top-level navigation. Click "{Your Name}," then "Edit Profile."


Step 2: Edit Your Name

You can choose to edit your name anytime you like. To do so, click "Edit Name," then a window will pop-up. Start filling out the details and click "Submit."  


Step 3: Add/ Change Your Profile Picture

To change your profile picture, click the camera thumbnail, then click "Upload Image Icon." Browse for the picture on your computer, select it and click "Upload Image" at the bottom of the window.


Step 4: Upload Data from Upload Resume

Attach your resume so that others can see it when viewing your profile!  As an added bonus you can simplify the process of updating your profile by choosing to sync data that is pulled directly from your resume.  Our technology identifies and matches the appropriate sections (contact information, employment history, bio, skills, education, etc.) and easily allows you to select which information that you'd like to sync!


Step 5: Synchronize Your LinkedIn Profile with Community Website

You can simplify updating your profile information by syncing with your LinkedIn profile. To do this, click the “In Sync Profile” button. A window will pop-up to capture your LinkedIn credentials. Within this page, enter your “Email & Password,” then click "Allow Access."


After allowing access, another window will pop-up. Here you can choose what to synchronize from the LinkedIn profile and bring in to the 360Alumni Community profile.


Step 6: Edit Your Preferences for Notifications

To manage how you see activities, click "Edit Notifications."


Choose how you want to recieve "Direct Messages" and "Subscribe" or "Unsubscribe" to emails from the Community and weekly Mentorship Posts. You can also turn notifications for your "Groups" and "Jobs" on or off. Select how frequently you would like to receive them. To learn more, check out the About Notifications article.

Step 7: Change Your Password

To change your password, click "Change Password," then a window will pop-up. Enter the old password and the new password. Next, confirm the new password. Click "Save Changes" when you're done.


Step 8: Add Contact Information

Select your "Timezone" and add your "Email" information.


You can choose to add a "Secondary Email," and also choose to make it the preferred contact method. Moreover, you can  choose to make the field "Private" or "Public."


Enter your "Mobile", "Home", and/or "Work" phone. Choose "Preferred Contact" mode and set "Visiblity."

Step 9: Write a Few Words About Yourself

The "About Me" section is an opportunity to share something about yourself to the greater community. It is displayed on your profile and on the smaller map profile card.


Step 10: Add Your Community Association

Unique to each community, your profile will include a one or more selections that help community organizers organize members. In this example, the community is asking users to enter a "Degree" program and their area of "Focus".


Make a selection from the dropdown. Check the range of "Years Participated" boxes from the dropdown. Then select from the next option if present.

Use the


icon on the right to remove your selections.


Step 11: Education History

This section captures your education history. To get started with your first entry, click "Add Institution."


The first optional selection is "School". Search for your matching school and select it. If you cannot find the school, manually enter the school name. Select a "Degree" and then enter in  your "Field of Study," "GPA," and "Years Attended."

Lastly, click "Save," to save the changes.


Step 12:  Career Information

You can detail your career history on your profile, similar to LinkedIn. Click “Add Positions” to add your role and company. Add as many positions as you wish. Drag and drop to change the order and click “Current” to identify a selection as your current job on your profile.


Enter "Title" and "Company." Check the box if you are currently work for the company. To remove the entry, click on the "Remove" icon.


Add an "Industry" from the dropdown.


Add "Skills" that you have expertise in. You can also add "Tags. (Admin - Click here to see how to add tags)" This will enable other community members to search for and connect with you based on shared interests.

Step 13: Languages

Identify any languages your speak and your proficiency with each. Click "Add Language."


Next, select "Language" and then your corresponding "Proficiency". Click "Add Language" to save changes.


To add more than one language, repeat the process.

Step 14: Edit Your Home Address & Work Address

One of the most powerful features of your community is connecting with other members within the directory map. To ensure that your location shows up on the map, please use a validated address. To create a Google Validated Address, start typing your address and select your complete, validated address from the list that appears below.  Your address information is parsed to the appropriate fields below, and you can update any additional mailing address information (apartment, building, box, etc.) within the address2 field.

About Privacy - Mark your address as public and your profile will appear on our map directory. Street-level information will always remain private on the map and profile. Your privacy is important to us. Even if you make your address public, our map zoom is restricted from displaying street-level details, and profiles display only the city and state. If you prefer not to be shown on the map, set your privacy to "PRIVATE."

Why share an address if I am going to mark it private? Your community administrators will be able to see a private address and keep it updated in their personnel records.  


Step 15: Add Social Media Links & Personal Information

Add "Website & Social Media" links that you want to display on your profile. Finally, add your "Date of Birth" and be sure to note your privacy preference. To apply all of the information added or changed, click on “Save Changes.”

To view your completed profile, go back to the drop-down menu under your name in the top navigation. Go to “View Profile” to see how others see your profile. Check out our example below.


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