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Homepage headlines (located under the admin dashboard) are where administrators control the headlines (news/stories/articles) that display on the alumni community home page.  Note that if your organization has RSS feed capability, follow the instructions on the settings page to set this up so your organization's links will feed automatically.  A feed validator is built in, so if the feed URL is accurate you will receive a green check, and if incorrect a red X.  Note that you can now utilize an RSS feed AND manually create homepage headlines as well. (Click the "Display the RSS Feed and the Headlines Module on the homepage," to display both.)

RSS Feed-1.jpg

To post a headline to your community, simply hit "Create new Headline" and provide a headline title, image, and link. Within the main homepage headlines page the # of impressions, clicks, and click through rate statistics are captured and displayed.  Here administrators can also control which headlines are displaying and adjust the priority.  


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