How to Sign-up

Signing up with 360Alumni is as easy as it gets. With simple social sign-on via Facebook & LinkedIn, your profile content is imported into the community website. This saves you the hassle of manually entering and updating your profile. As a 360Alumni community member, your profile data is only visible to other community members, and you can choose to make particular profile fields private at any time. Follow the guide below to get started.

Note read here to know about the fields automatically imported when you choose to sign in with Linkedin/ Facebook - Social Data Import

Step 1: Go to Your 360Alumni Community Website

Choose your method of "Signing In."

  1. Sign in with Facebook.
  2. Sign in with Google.
  3. Sign in with LinkedIn.
  4. Join the Community with an email.
Login Page

Sign in with Facebook

After you click "Sign in with Facebook," a window will pop-up. Enter your Facebook "Email/ Phone" and "Password," then click "Log In."


Click "Edit this" to take a look at the data being shared.


Next, click "Continue as {Your-Name}."


Next, Go to Step 2.

Sign in with Google

To Sign-in with one of your Google email account, click the "Google" button. Then, enter the "email," click "next."


Next, enter your "Password," then click "Next."


Next, Go to Step 2.

Sign in with LinkedIn

Click "Sign in with Linkedin," then a window will pop-up. Enter your LinkedIn "Email" and "Password," then click "Allow Access."


Next, Go to Step 2

Sign Up with Email

Enter "First Name" and "Last Name." Then click "Next."


Enter your "First Name,"  "Last Name," "Email," and "Password." Mark the "Agree to 360Alumni Terms" checkbox. Then click "Sign Up."


That's it! Start editing your "Profile."

Step 2: Data Population (Step Required if Signed in Using Facebook, Google, LinkedIn)

Note: We may have pre-populated our online directory with some initial contact information from our database. So, it is likely that your basic contact information has been uploaded into the platform already. If you see any wrong information or anything outdated, please update this after activating your account.

If you recognize your record, select it and click "Next." If you don't recognize a record, select "None of the above" and click "Next."


If you select the account that already exist or was imported by the admin, then enter a "Password" of your choice then "Repeat Password," "Agree to the terms and Conditions" then click "Sign Up"


For "None of the above," enter your "First Name,"  "Last Name," "Email," and "Password." Mark the "Agree to 360Alumni Terms" checkbox. Then click "Sign Up."


Once you click "Sign Up," you will be taken to the community homepage. But, you're not done yet! To get full access to the community, you must confirm your email.

Step 3:  Confirm Your Email

Please check the inbox of the email address you used to log in to the community (if you signed in with Facebook or LinkedIn, please check the email address associated with your social account). Find an email with the subject line: "Welcome to the [Institution Name] Online Community." It should look like similar to the email below.


Click the link in the email to register your account, then head over to the Creating a User Profile page if you need help updating your account.