Profile Fields for Skills, Industry and Languages

With many users now syncing their online directory profiles with their LinkedIn profile, we extended the 360Alumni profile database to include LinkedIn data sets such as "Skills," "Industry," and "Languages." These fields are standard across all clients, and clients can choose to activate these fields as needed.

  • The Skills field is a multi-select option from a list of over 60,000 skills.
  • The Industry field also allows users to choose multiple industries. The Industry database is pulled from LinkedIn.
  • The Language field allows users to select multiple languages and then choose a proficiency level per language. The language and proficiency lists are also pulled from the LinkedIn developer toolkit.

Enhancement Sneak-Peek: These standardized fields will be part of future matching functionality related to upcoming enhancements to the Jobs and Mentorship features later this year.

Instructions for clients who currently utilize the Tags feature to capture similar user profile data.

We have defaulted the three new profile fields to be OFF in your community, but you can choose to turn these on within the client settings page on the user profile fields tab.  Note that all 3 of these fields are filterable within the new alumni map/directory once enabled.  One restriction of these libraries, is that we can not add or remove data/values, as these are libraries plugged in from LinkedIn.  We do also have plans to allow this information to be synced from user LinkedIn profiles, coming in one of the next product deployments.

So, feel free to enable these profile field libraries, edit your profile, and see how they look and feel.  Note that if you are utilizing the tags feature to capture user profile tags/information that are specific to your institution, you will not want to replace your current Tags feature with these profile libraries.

Below are your available options/approaches.

  1. You can use these fields in addition to your current Tags bank.  Good for organizations who utilize Tags to capture information specific to their organization

  2. You can elect to not use these additional libraries, and leave them disabled.  

  3. You can turn your tags feature off, and instead use any/all of these global library profile fields.  If you choose to do this, we can help you by running a data query for your current user Tag information and apply the 'overlapping' values to the new fields within their user profiles.  (Note that if the new global libraries do not have tags that are specific to your institution they can not be added)  Good for organizations whose current use of the Tags feature is generic and is covered by any/all of these profile fields)

If you would like to discuss this further, feel free to reach out to the 360Alumni support team.

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