360Alumni Success Story:

Students On Ice Foundation

From North Pole to South Pole: How 360Alumni helped empower alumni from SOI to create positive change in the world

360 Alumni Success Story

The Students on Ice Foundation (SOI) is a non-profit organization that offers life-changing educational expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic regions for high school and university students. Since 2000, SOI has taken more than 3,000 students from over 50 countries to the polar regions, where they learn about the environment, culture, history and science of these fragile ecosystems. SOI’s mission is to create a global network of leaders who inspire and empower the next generation of youth to make a positive difference for the planet and ensure a sustainable future.

The Background
The foundation needed a robust and engaging platform that could connect all SOI alumni globally while providing resources and benefits to their constituents. However, despite many conversations around an alumni portal, they had not found the right software. Facebook was not a complete solution and the front and back end of Salesforce was limited. They needed something user-friendly and customizable. That’s when they found 360Alumni, the end-to-end solution that met all their needs.


  • SOI lacked a way to bring together alumni from all expedition years and current locations, which made it difficult for their constituents to connect, mentor and network.
  • A variety of programs, including the Alumni Council, a micro-grants program, mentorship programs, and activity calendar led to messaging challenges.
  • Existing software tools didn’t provide a space to highlight their alumni’s achievements, showcase the impact of their programs, or keep alumni informed about the latest news, opportunities and events.

Results with 360Alumni

  • A dedicated and exclusive space for students to connect with their peers and mentors, access opportunities and resources, and stay involved with the organization - thus fostering a sense of community and belonging.
  • A holistic solution for the foundation to manage alumni engagement, communications, programs and activities and to provide value to their constituents post expedition with important updates.
  • A single system of record that makes the foundations’ work easier and more efficient, helping them to achieve their goals and fulfill their mission.

"For SOI, 360Alumni is more than just a platform, it’s a partner. It combines the best features of social media, event management, email marketing, and fundraising in one easy-to-use and powerful tool. It empowers our youth to make new friends, network with peers, mentor the next generation of leaders, and create positive change in the world."
Lynda Brown, Alumni Team Lead at SOI Foundation

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