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Celebrating all our alumni, not only those with their “names in lights,” is a key goal for our community. The support, tools and customization that 360Alumni provides is making that goal a reality.

Ryan Dejak, Director Alumni Relations

360Alumni Client: AMDA

360Alumni delivered a wonderful, centralized hub that connected the Puksta Foundation’s alumni and scholars across five university campuses.  The platform provided operational efficiency, allowed us to reduce our operating budget despite growth, and prepared us structurally for the future.

NiChel Mulstay, Director of Operations, Puksta Foundation

360Alumni Client: Princeton In Asia

The customer service is excellent! The client success team are attentive and supportive. We have a monthly call to help me think about how we can better use the platform to achieve our goals. The whole team is eager to help clients (big and small) and is always open to receiving feedback.

Natalia Rodriques, Princeton in Asia

360Alumni Client: Princeton In Asia

We really love your technology. We’re building things constantly. I’m getting everyone to use the site in the office. We're running emails through Emma three days a week. And the service is outstanding.

Joseph Carlos, Morehouse College

360Alumni Client: Morehouse Client logo

360Alumni is a one stop shop for everything our organization does when it comes to alumni relations. It's a point of connection where value is transferred from current members to alumni and vice versa.

Jason Ward, Curtis Institute of Music

360Alumni Client: Curtis Institute of Music logo

360Alumni has helped us build out the resources we offer to our alums by making it easy to post jobs they would be interested in, map where alumni currently reside, and communicate important information to them.

Robyn Wardell, FoodCorps

360Alumni Client: FoodCorps

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