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Groups III: Lead Your Network, Advance Your Institution

With our conclusion to the Groups series, we are going to explore how you can use Groups (and more) to extend your constituency to organizations that share your market segment or mission.

“Huh?” you might be asking. “Are you saying that I should think about including other organizations with my core constituents?”

Yes, we are! By adding more engaged users to the mix, extended groups can strengthen your brand, reinforce engagement, and deliver more networking opportunities for everyone. Read on for some colorful examples of how this strategy can pay off for your institution.

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Groups II: How to Go Beyond Natural Affiliations and Extend Your Network's Reach

In the first groups post, we covered how your organization can benefit from promoting the natural affiliations among your constituency (like class year, club or member chapter) to reinforce and increase engagement between your members and your organization. While that's a good start, limiting yourself to just natural affiliations can restrict the kind of engagement you hope to achieve.

So how can organizations go beyond the natural bonds to accomplish their engagement goals? How can they be a better resource for their constituents so that they stay engaged in more dynamic ways?

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Groups: The Organizational Secret to Your Network's Success

Your constituents, whether they are alumni, dues-paying members, or students and parents, may be of different ages, in different life-stages, and represent an array of professional careers, yet they all share the same experience - your organization.

This core affiliation with your institution is strong. After all, it is a part of each individual's life experience. But have you thought about going beyond the natural affiliation and empowering your constituents to engage more meaningfully with their network?

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Your Online Directory Needs Improvement: 4 Ways to Enhance the User Experience

We've all been there. You're part of an alumni group or a member organization, and you need to look someone up. "Easy!" you exclaim. "I'll just use the online directory." You open up your browser, go to the site, and...that's when the trouble begins. Read on for some ideas on how you can make sure that the community you provide for your users is easy to use.

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How Matching Gifts Can Boost Your University’s Fundraising Success

Just like any organization, universities have to raise money to successfully operate. Tapping into alumni giving by itself is a great way to generate revenue, but what if you could double the amount of donations that you are already receiving with just a little effort on your institution’s part?

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Breaking Down Silos in Alumni Organizations

In April 2016, Alumni Access published outstanding research presenting the current state of alumni relations.  The VAESE Alumni Relations Benchmarking Study outlined several long-term issues that alumni relations and advancement need to be paying attention to now.

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The Voice of Your Alumni

Most have encountered some version of an alumni network before, and been challenged to do much with it. We graduated with a degree from an accredited university, ready to change the world. But then we realized how tough a job market it is out there. And that’s where the power of the network (a built-in benefit of that degree) comes into play. But oftentimes, it’s extremely difficult for alumni to use this network.

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The Immediate Need: Strategy and Tactics in Alumni Communities

It’s hard to think of any organization that does not need an online hub to bring their people together. For higher education, the need is critical: not only to make good on their promise of “the network”, but because alumni satisfaction and engagement affects their rankings. An alumni community online builds your brand, allows you to easily measure engagement, gives you a powerful marketing platform, and reduces the long term revenue loss from losing touch with your alumni. And that doesn't even address the benefits to your alumni.

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