Higher Education

Is your community fulfilling a need, but missing out on true engagement? Do you have several solutions that fulfill different needs - one to manage events, another to fundraise, and still another for your directory? Bring it all together with 360Alumni’s single solution that does it all.

Whatever your situation, 360Alumni will make your community our priority, keeping alumni informed and engaged wherever they are. Our team is dedicated to helping colleges and universities stay relevant to their alumni - at all ages and stages of life! 


High Schools

Whether your school is just establishing an alumni community or launching a capital campaign, the benefits of connecting early and nurturing meaningful connections among your alumni benefits everyone.

In addition to best-in-class software, 360Alumni provides personal direction tailored to your goals, from strategic guidance to tactical execution of fundraising campaigns. 



For nonprofits, it's important to find meaningful ways to keep your members, volunteers, and donors engaged. Your goals are not just to maintain support, but to cultivate it and nurture the network effect of goodwill. That's why our software and client support come together in a simple yet comprehensive solution that empowers those in your network, creating a strong and connected community.

Providing personal direction tailored to your needs, 360Alumni supports you in reaching your goals. Our fundraising capabilities are seamlessly integrated with groups and events to build engagement, nurture organic leadership, and advance your organization towards its goals.

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Membership Organizations

You provide valuable resources for your members, but sometimes retaining them can be a challenge. Competing for attention with social media, free online professional development, and niche organizations targeting your members can be tough, but not when you partner with 360Alumni.  360Alumni’s community engagement platform is designed specifically to maximize all your member touch points.

360Alumni works with you to optimize your existing member relationships and provide even greater value and enhanced networking opportunities. Our integrated tools take your engagement efforts to the next level, and deliver measurable results.


Event Management

From homecoming weekend to an intimate fundraising dinner, manage your event from start to finish right in your member community. 360Alumni empowers you and your volunteers to organize events large and small, whether virtual or in person.


Customizable tickets

Interactive discussion board

Interactive attendee list for users

Built-in payment processing

Unlimited attendees

Add events to any calendar


Soften the ask and create a  unified member experience. Run fundraising campaigns large and small right in your online community where members are already engaged.


Real-time progress meter

Log externally received donations

Donor recognition wall

Giving history

Discussion boards on every campaign

Native e-commerce - never leave the site!


Keep your cohorts, chapters and other affinities together in one location. 360Alumni connects groups to your member database and makes it easy to distribute engagement and email list maintenance responsibilities among your volunteer leaders.


One home for all your groups

Invite users to create or lead groups

Empower volunteers to update member data

Interactive discussion board

Post news, documents, videos & more

Promote upcoming events within a group

Map & Directory

Instantly search your member database by dozens of filters, and choose to see your results on a map or in a list view. Saved searches let you instantly access custom lists for messaging, group or event invitations.


Comprehensive member profiles

Unlimited standard and custom fields

Search directory by any field

Create & save contact lists for messaging

Interactive member map

Instant access to user's profiles & social media pages

Job Board

Give your members the ability to share opportunities and unlock the true potential of your network. 360Alumni’s flexible solution lets you customize the types of opportunities to post, whether full time, fellowships, or even available for hire.


Post internships, volunteer opportunities & more

Easy search tools & filters

Cross-post from groups to the job board

Customized job notifications

Daily or weekly digests

Apply from within the community


360Alumni’s mentorship feature lets you cultivate meaningful relationships with a light touch. By running your mentorship program in your online community, you maximize exposure to the program and increase engagement outcomes.


Organic approach without formal matching

Weekly mentorship digest

Discussion board on every post

Boost engagement with mentorship & alumni database in one place

S‍earch & filter by keyword or status

Friendly, inclusive user experience

Client Success Stories


Celebrating all our alumni, not only those with their “names in lights,” is a key goal for our community. The support, tools and customization that 360Alumni provides is making that goal a reality.

Ryan Dejak, Director Alumni Relations


I wholeheartedly recommend 360Alumni. The customer service is exceptional. The platform is powerful and is constantly enhanced, often in response to requests and feedback from clients. The staff at 360Alumni are professional, responsive, and all-around great people!

Wheaton Academy Logo

The customer service is excellent! The client success team are attentive and supportive. We have a monthly call to help me think about how we can better use the platform to achieve our goals. The whole team is eager to help clients (big and small) and is always open to receiving feedback.

Natalia Rodriques, Princeton in Asia

Princeton in Asia Logo

We really love your technology. We’re building things constantly. I’m getting everyone to use the site in the office. We're running emails through Emma three days a week. And the service is outstanding.

Joseph Carlos, Morehouse College

Morehouse logo

The platform is great and we're starting to ramp up events on campus using 360Alumni's events feature. Our customer success manager is incredibly amazing - I love every time I get to talk with her. Overall, we're very happy! Everything is going really, really well

Grant Hubbard, Orr Fellowship

Orr Fellowship Logo

360Alumni is a one stop shop for everything our organization does when it comes to alumni relations. It's a point of connection where value is transferred from current members to alumni and vice versa.

Jason Ward, Curtis Institute of Music

Curtis Logo

360Alumni has helped us build out the resources we offer to our alums by making it easy to post jobs they would be interested in, map where alumni currently reside, and communicate important information to them.

Robyn Wardell, FoodCorps

Food Corps Logo

360Alumni has become an invaluable partner and extension of our Alumni Association. The added bonus is the platform lets us combine our efforts with other Barlow organizations to provide ongoing value to alumni.

Mary Mahony, Alumni Association Board Member

JBHS Alumni Association Logo

Watch the Joseph Carlos of Morehouse College describe how they benefited from 360Alumni.

Embrace Best-in-Class Features

Choose from the most advanced, powerful community building elements on the market

Event Management

From reunions to career fairs to fundraising galas, centralize all your event registrations right in your alumni community.

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Engage the right people at the right time, whether it’s a crowdfunded drive or an advancement campaign.


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Provide a forum for your alumni to converge, discuss, and share common interests and conversations.

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Map & Directory

Bring your membership network to life with member directories and interactive mapping.

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Job Board

Make it easy for your members to share and receive new career and volunteer opportunities.

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Give your community the gift of an expert network and empower users to give back by helping others achieve their goals.


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Paid Memberships*

Manage and track paid memberships from within the platform from a single dashboard.


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Email Marketing

Design, automate, and track all your communications easily with Emma® integrated email marketing.


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