Data Exchange


Data is at the core of your 360Alumni Community and your enterprise database of your constituents. With your members always on the move, we know how important accurate, up-to-date data is to accomplishing your mission.

We also know that you need to manage your data, your way. That’s why we provide multiple ways for you to exchange data files with us.


data exchange options

Initial Data Load

At the initial launch of your community, we will work with you to define your datasets and obtain your database of your members. We make it easy for you to create a directory that your members will want to engage with and keep up to date.

Data Exports via Administration Tools

With our reports, accessible online via administrative access, you can export industry-standard CSV files of updates made by your constituents. These updates include former and new values for easy reconciliation back to your primary database.

API Integration

Flexibility in exchanging data is made possible by the robust API from 360Alumni. We have established our exchange options to enable you to choose what works best for your organization:

  • Custom API - 360Alumni works with you to define and develop a custom solution to meet your integration needs. Solutions may include:
    • Custom Reports: Reports can be generated automatically & posted securely at scheduled intervals.
    • Polling & Sync IntegrationOne system contacts the other to send data back and forth at regularly scheduled intervals.
    • Custom Integration via Publisher: Best option for more complex integrations.
    • Additional fees apply for custom database integration solutions. Clients typically fill out our Client Integration Workbook to begin defining their requirements, Our Client Success team will provide an estimate for your team's approval prior to starting work. 
    • For more technical details about how our API works, check out our Client Wiki. 
    • To see live examples of the data exchange format, see our Interactive API Documentation.  
  • Secure File Exchange - 360Alumni can provide for an exchange process by which you post and/or receive regularly scheduled file updates made to the community directory by your users.
    • Follow documentation provided by 360Alumni to create your file for import into the community directory and receive your file of changes from the prior period.
    • Files will be dropped off using secure protocols established by 360Alumni.
  • Self-Service with Zapier - Use your in-house team to acquire and integrate Zapier between your systems and the 360Alumni platform. 
    • No additional fees for setup or licensing from 360Alumni.
    • Follow the documentation, “How to Make Your Own Zap”, or use our existing Zaps (e.g. Salesforce and Slack). 

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