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Foundation with a clear vision for the future transforms’ engagement

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The Background
The Puksta Foundation, one of the Centennial states’ most influential nonprofits, has a clear, unifying mission: to promote civic engagement among students from Colorado's top 5 universities by offering scholarships to those who are ready to make an impact in the world.  The foundation’s intense dedication to helping these bright, young individuals has led to over 300 nonprofit and community organizations benefiting from Puksta Scholars, and more than $4.4 million in funding awarded to their students.

360Alumni helped The Puksta Foundation automate, consolidate and streamline their organization’s operations, and improve engagement with their constituents through a modern, unified platform, a single source of record, better service quality, and a superior, consistent user experience.


  • Rapid growth added complexity to the foundations’ processes. The existing infrastructure couldn’t keep pace, and the operating budget was limited.
  • Lack of visibility into scholars’ activity post graduation prevented connectivity for alumni engagement and professional networking opportunities.
  • Tracking, managing, and marketing events were done manually using multiple tools.
  • Program resources and requirements, as well as online groups for Puksta scholars, were hosted in disparate locations.



"360Alumni delivered a wonderful, centralized hub that connected the Puksta Foundation’s alumni and scholars across five university campuses.  The platform provided operational efficiency, allowed us to reduce our operating budget despite growth, and prepared us structurally for the future."
- NiChel Mulstay, Director of Operations, Puksta Foundation

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