Are You Ready For An Online Community?

Set the Right Engagement Strategy Early.

If you want to keep all your constituents, donors, supporters, participants or alumni connected to your organization, you'll almost certainly be considering an online community at some point.

If any of these scenarios apply to you, then you're ready for an online community:
  • You have a database - in the form of an excel worksheet, donor management system or CRM.
  • You have an email marketing program, and a valid email address is critical to keeping your people connected. 
  • You have a facebook group or page, but you can't accurately measure engagement off of that and you don't have email addresses for all its members. 
  • You have a LinkedIn group, but you can't accurately measure engagement off of that and you don't have email addresses for all its members. 
  • You have one or more people responsible for alumni data, events, chapters, fundraising, email marketing, social media, or all of the above.
  • You want repeat donors/participants, and recognize the way to achieve that is through continuous engagement and marketing.
  • You're looking for ways to provide 'network value' for all your people - by connecting them to each other, not just to your organization. 
  • You want to evolve beyond oneunlock the value in this network for our people to benefit from?"

360Alumni can help you meet all these challenges with an integrated, easy-to-use solution. Learn More.

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  • Shayna Anderson - The Master's University

    "360Alumni was a great answer to the needs of our alumni community. The features on this platform are easy to use for all generations. We needed a platform for our alumni to connect with each other, both personally and professionally. This platform does all that. Additionally, each time we have a question or need assistance with the platform, the customer service is friendly, helpful and efficient. I would highly recommend 360Alumni to alumni professionals."

    Shayna Anderson

    The Master's University

  • Robyn Wardell - FoodCorps

    "360Alumni has helped us build out the resources we offer to our alums by making it easy to post jobs they would be interested in, map where alumni currently reside, and communicate important information to them."

    Robyn Wardell


  • Dawn Earle

    "I wholeheartedly recommend 360Alumni. The customer service is exceptional. The platform is powerful and is constantly enhanced, often in response to requests and feedback from clients. Did I mention that the customer service is outstanding? The staff at 360Alumni are professional, responsive, and all-around great people!"

    Dawn Earl

    Wheaton Academy