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College Degrees: It’s All About ROI

Christina Balotescu

June 18, 2014

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College students today are more concerned than ever with ROI. In an environment where young adults are graduating with an average of $35,000 in student loans, they need to know that their college degree is worth every penny.

Udacity announced Monday that they will be offering “nanodegrees”, defined as “compact, flexible and job-focused credentials that are stackable throughout your career.”

“We are designing nanodegrees as the most compact and relevant curriculum to qualify you for a job,” says Clarissa Shen, VP of Business Development and Partnerships.

On the one hand, this is a great opportunity for individuals to continually hone their skill set.  On the other hand, it illustrates the necessity for colleges to provide graduates the tools they need to succeed well beyond graduation, in order to compete with these online programs.

Will your alumni return to your school, or look elsewhere when life throws them a curveball? The days of a single career for life are no longer reality. Graduation should not be a cutting of the cord, but rather a start to a lifetime of networking and continued learning.

Take a look at your alumni communications. Is value provided both ways, or is an ask for money the only message?

If your school sponsored network isn’t benefitting alumni, or you have yet to establish an online alumni network, your graduates may be looking elsewhere.  

Online alumni communities offer a place for alumni to connect, learn, and post and apply to jobs, all under the umbrella of your college. In this way you’re building alumni appreciation, increasing job placement rates, and improving your ROI.

Keep your alumni coming back for more. Learn how an alumni network can benefit your organization, and build affinity well beyond graduation. Contact us today at

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