About Jobs / Opportunities

The Jobs or Opportunities Board is a great resource for professional networking and volunteer management. It's no secret that alumni love hiring other alumni. There's a special connection people have when they share a experience, even if they weren't attending that particular school at the same time. Filling a job at a company you care deeply about is the equivalent of adding another member to your family. You don't just want to find "a" person to fill the job -- you want to find "the" person to fill the job. Using 360Alumni's job board is a great place to start.

Jobs can be posted by anyone and viewed by anyone in a 360Alumni community. In some cases, a job listing must be approved by an Administrator.

You don't need to be logged in to the community to see or share a job post. Read on to learn how to find a job, post a job, get job notifications, and share jobs with others.

Find a Job or Opportunity

Click "Jobs" in the top-level navigation to find the jobs board. Once on the page, browse through the latest posts as you see below.

Jobs_job board

To filter the posts and find what's most relevant for you, click "Filter Posted Jobs." You can filter job opportunities by date posted, keyword, location, poster, or job type. Enter your criteria and hit "Search."


Apply to a Job

To apply to a job, follow the instructions within the job posting. You can use the "Apply Now" button, or you can click on the envelope button to send a message directly to the job poster.

Share a Job

To share a job posting with others, click on a job and open that job's detail page. Hit the "Share Job Posting" button to push this job posting to your preferred social network or email client. You can also copy & paste the URL in your browser window.



Post a Job

Anyone in the community can post a job. Click "Post a Job", then fill out the form. The "Expires on" date designates when the job will disappear from the default view of the job board.

Job_Post a job.png

If the job post is yours, or if you are an Administrator, you can renew an expired post by 30, 60, 90, or 120 days from today using the "Renew" button.

Get Notified About New Jobs Posts

You can get an email notification when new jobs are posted to the jobs board. To manage your notifications, navigate to "Notification Settings" under your name. In the Jobs / Opportunities section, check the box to turn notifications on. Choose to have them arrive immediately, daily, or weekly. You can tailor the search results based on keywords, the job poster, and location.


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