Add Facebook Feed to Homepage

Adding your social networking accounts to the 360Alumni community homepage will help to drive engagement. In this article, learn how to add your community's Facebook page plugin to the homepage. Follow the steps below:

1. Sign in as an administrator.
2. Navigate to the "Admin" menu and "Settings."
3. Click on the "Homepage" tab.
4. Under the section titled “Facebook account”, click the link “Get Facebook Code Instructions”

Facebook_go to settings 1.png

5. A small window will open displaying detailed instructions. Click to open the link “your Facebook Plugin Page.”

Screenshot 2017-12-13 10.49.44.png

6. Within Facebook’s developer page, enter your Facebook Page URL (See the image below)
7. Set the Width to 320
8. Check the boxes for “Use Small Header” and “Hide Cover Photo”
9. Click the button “Get Code”

Get Code.png

10. A module will open with options for website code. Click on the "IFrame tab"
11. Copy the IFrame code

FB_iframe code.png

12. Go back to the 360Alumni Homepage Settings page and paste the code
13. Click the box to "Enable"
14. Click on "Save"

Facebook_Paste Code.png

Navigate back to your homepage and the Facebook plugin will be live.

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