Admin - Adding Members to Groups

360Alumni Group pages have a few different ways for users to become members of that group.

Users can navigate to the group page and decide to join by clicking the "Join Group" button.


Users can be invited to join the group by group Owners or Administrators.  The user will receive an email informing them that they have been invited to join the group.


Or users can be added to the group by group owners or administrators.  If the group owner or administrator would like to bulk add users to a group, there are a few options to accomplish this.  

Group owners or administrators can create a list within the directory, and then add the full list of users to the group, by clicking "Add Users," then typing and selecting the list name.  This will ensure that each member of your list is instantly included as a member of the group.  


Example:  Your institution sets up a group page for each graduating class.  You can use the directory to filter by the class year, save a list of all these individuals, then target add the list to each corresponding graduation year group page.  

Note for Administrators:  When you add a user as a member of a group they may receive a notification email informing them of this action, if their notification setting for groups is enabled.  As administrators you can set the default notification settings for inactive and active users within the settings page, Privacy & Notifications tab.

Administrators can reach out to 360Alumni support staff with an external list or data request of users to be added to a group.  Example:  You have a list of a couple hundred users who are or were members of specific clubs or organizations.  360Alumni support staff can cross reference your list of users and have these individuals added as members to the appropriate group page.

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