Proxy Registering an Event Attendee

360Alumni event organizers also have the ability to proxy register users to any event.  

To do this, navigate to the "Register Attendee" feature within the manage event tab on your event page.  

Here you can register an attendee by "Name" or by "Email."  Once you locate the user, click the "Assign Tickets" button.  Next you are taken to the event RSVP / registration page.  Choose the correct ticket for this user, and save the ticket details.  Finally you will need to go to the right hand margin for the registration submital.  If it is a free event ticket, simply click the "Submit Registration" button.

Please follow the steps below to register attendee for an event:

Step 1: After Logging In to Your Community

Go to the event you want to add attendee to by clicking "Events," and then "View Events" on the navigation menu.


After clicking the "Event". On the event home page, click "Manage Event," then click "Register an Attendee."


Step 2: Choose How You Want to Register

Click on either "By Name" or "By Email."


Step 3: Register By Name or By Email

By Name:

Enter the name of Attendee, then click the "Search" icon. Select the user you would like to add. Click "Assign Tickets."


By Email:


Step 4: Add Tickets and Submit Registration

On this page you can "Add Another Guest" and choose to select the " Add Another Ticket," type for example - parking, dinner, drinks, etc.

If the ticket has a price associated with it, administrators will have options as to how to process this event registration.  If you have the user's credit card information you can simply enter it and submit registration and payment.  If you have received payment in the form of cash or check, or the user plans to pay in person; you can account for this by choosing "Cash" or "Other" options.  If the ticket price is being waived, you can also select "Free" or "Waived" as options and this will also forgo the credit card processing step.

Submit Reg.gif

Click "Add Another Guest" to add more guests. Then "Assign Tickets," enter payment details. Lastly, click "Submit Registration" to register for the event.

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