Adding or Uploading Tags

Under the administrator dashboard, select the "Settings" page; and from here select the "User Profile Fields" tab on the left hand side of the page.


From this page you can adjust or establish the "Tag Title" and "Tag Description" that display on the user’s "Edit Profile" and "View Profile" pages pertaining to tags.  

Example:  You can set the Tag title to Clubs and Organizations.  Tag description to:  Please add or include all clubs or organizations that you were apart of at Smith University.

Note that all tags are defined and maintained by your organization. You can update, add, or delete these tag values from this page.  

To simply add a new tag, select "Add new tag"; and enter the tag "Label" (title), and any internal ID you may have that associates with this tag.  


To add multiple tags via "Import," select the "Upload Tags" button.  Make sure that your excel file has two columns.  First column should be the tag name.  Second column should be any internal ID that you would associate with that tag.  

CSV Import File Format:


Note that a 360Alumni tag ID will automatically be populated upon import.  Lastly, you will need to save your excel file in .csv format in order to import these tag values.  Any questions on how to upload or maintain tags, please contact  

Bulk Upload CSV file Using the "Upload Tags" import tool:


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