An Introduction to Preparing for Launch

How to Prepare for Launching Your Alumni Community Site

Congratulations on having your strategy, plan, and platform ready for launch. This second phase of the Blueprint for Success guides you so that members will find a welcoming and engaging community when they join. That requires populating the platform with content and communicating to bring your community together online. Launch preparation will depend on some of the decisions that were made as part of your strategy. It is helpful to your community and to you if you work towards having as much of the effort consolidated on the platform as possible to provide “one-stop” community engagement.  

At this stage, the 360 Method will help you prepare your site for launch and for ongoing success. As always, the Client Success team is here to support you. 

As you prepare for Launch, you should be considering your specific goals for the community based on measurable outcomes. 

Preparing for launch has three segments:

  • Populating the platform with content
  • Preparing communications
  • Orchestrating outreach to early adopters

We will address the three segments across these areas of engagement:

  • Affinity Groups
  • Events Management
  • Career Strategies and Development
  • Fundraising
  • Mentoring

As always, remember to keep your strategic objectives in mind as you work through the Launch.

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