Attendee Registration Quick Reference

Running a big event?  Our handy reference chart below will help your registration team:

See guests of an attendee
Manage Attendees > 500 per page, use Ctrl + F to find all guests on that party. Or Export Attendees & work from excel.

Add a guest to a registration
User must log in and add the guest to their own registration because this function currently can not be done by an admin.

If you send a list to 360 Support after an event we can associate the guest with their host after an event.

Edit a guest’s registration
Go to Manage Attendees, find the user & click “Edit” button.

You can only delete tickets, change the names on them or remove the attendee entirely from here. To add tickets to an attendee’s registration, see below.

Add tickets to an attendee’s registration
Go to Manage Event > Register an AttendeeEnsure I’m not adding a ticket an attendee already has when doing a proxy registration

Have the “Manage Attendees” page open in a separate tab while using proxy registration (Manage Event > Register an Attendee).

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