Create a Custom Welcome Message

A Welcome Message is the first point of interaction between your community and its members. Just as it's important to make a good first impression when meeting someone in person, the same is applicable within your online network. This initial message helps set the tone for what you'd like this community to accomplish as a group.

Use the following guidelines below to make your own engaging & interesting message, getting members excited from the moment they log on. A few points to consider including in the community welcome message:

  • Community background information
  • Links to how to guides like social sign-ins, updating profile, etc.
  • Synchronizing data from Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Joining Groups, upcoming Events, Campaigns, etc.
  • Any particular tasks that you want your users to complete upon login

For more details, including sample messages for different types of communities, see Customizing Account Creation Messages.

Engage Your Community’s Members:

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