Sharing News in your Online Community

In this article you'll learn:

  1. How to post a homepage headline
  2. How to post headlines in groups
  3. How notifications work with headlines
  4. How to configure your RSS feed

Homepage Headlines are a great way to share news, articles, blog posts, and videos on your community home page. In addition to messages, automatic notifications and marketing emails, Homepage Headlines help you ensure your content is front and center for your constituents. They are available on the home page and in groups. Additionally, you can plug in an RSS feed for automatic posting of news.

How to Post a Headline

  1. From the "Admin" menu go to "Homepage Headlines."
  2. Click "Create New Headline"
  3. Enter the headline you want to display and the destination link
  4. Upload an image (optional but it looks best) and click "Save".
  5. Re-arrange the order of display by clicking the up and down arrows in the Priority column
  6. Edit or delete your headlines using the buttons on the right

Manage your Homepage Headlines via the Admin > General Settings page
Manage your Homepage Headlines via the Admin > General Settings page

How to Post Headlines in Groups

  1. As an Admin or Group Admin, go to Manage Group menu and select "Manage Headlines".
  2. Give the Headlines section a name in the "Module Title" field
  4. Enter title, link and image, if desired
  5. Click "SAVE"
Headlines in 360Alumni's Groups, shown here as "Class of 2018 News"
Headlines in 360Alumni's Groups, shown here as "Class of 2018 News"

The headline will be posted on the group's page just below the media carousel. You can rearrange headlines by using the "Priority" arrows.

How Notifications Work with Headlines

  1. When you post a headline on the home page, every member of your community that is subscribing to Homepage Headline notifications will receive an email. The notification setting is "A new headline is posted" and can be subscribed to in the Notification Settings page as immediate, daily or weekly digests.
  2. Notifications do not go out for new RSS feed articles
  3. When you post a headline in a group, notifications do not go out. To expand the impact of a new headline or document posting in a group, we recommend cross-posting on the discussion board.

How to Configure your RSS Feed

360Alumni offers you the ability to connect the homepage headlines section to a separate news feed via RSS, in order to automatically display your news/articles/links. To configure your RSS feed:

  1. Go to Admin > Homepage > RSS feed section.
  2. Enter the title you want to appear above the RSS section on the home page
  3. Enter the feed address, toggle "ENABLE" so it is dark gray, and click SAVE.

A feed validator is built in, so if the feed URL is accurate you will receive a green check, and if incorrect a red X.

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