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Homepage Headlines are a great way to showcase the latest news, articles, blog posts, and videos from the insitution directly on the alumni network's homepage. It's another useful channel besides notifications and email to get content in front of your constituents.

Step 1: After Logging in to Your 360Alumni Community Website

On the top-right navigation menu click "Admin," then "Homepage Headlines."


Step 2: On the Headline Page

Click on "Create New Headline." You can also take a look at the "Headline Metrics" table below this button.


From the Homepage headlines menu, you can manage headlines by viewing metrics and indicating which posts show up first. By clicking priority, you can make those posts show up before others, regardless of date. Additionally, you can always go back and either delete headlines or edit them by clicking the "Edit" post icon or the "Trash" can icon, respectively.


Step 3: Enter the headline details

Fill out the "Headline" - typically something simple and short. You can add a "Link" to show more content related to your headline. You can also choose to "Add Image" to the headline. When you are done, click "Save."


Here's how headlines look on the community homepage. You can click "View All" to go to the main page of headlines to take a look at the history.  


Note: 360Alumni has the ability to connect the homepage headlines section to a separate news feed via RSS, in order to automatically display your news/articles/links. If you have a news feed via XML or a similar news aggregation format, please contact the client service team to help you set this up!

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