Creating a Mentor Program

Mentor, advisor, career coach -- however you define the role, the mentorship feature fosters rich development opportunities for both mentors and mentees. A network turns into an engaged community by the number of meaningful relationships that are built within it. When members realize the value they can get from a program such as this, they'll continue coming back to not only get help themselves but to also return the favor and help others.

To join the program, the mentor or mentee will complete a brief opportunity posting by responding to three pre-defined questions that your site administrator will set up. Mentees or mentors will then use the search feature to find a match! Each post includes a discussion board to share ideas, advice, resources, stories, pictures, and more.

To create a Mentorship program, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: After logging in to the Community

On the navigation menu, click "Admin," then click "Mentorship."


Step 2: On the Mentorship Setup Page

Enter your mentorship program "Name," and "Description."


If you have a mentorship program with specific dates click this button to force all active requests to expire.


Step 3: Enter Mentor Program Details

Enter Mentor welcome "Title" and "Message."  

This is the welcome message that will display once a mentor creates an opportunity posting.


Step 4: Enter Mentee Program Details

Enter Mentee welcome "Title" and "Message."

This is the welcome message that will display once a mentee creates an opportunity posting.


Step 5: Ask Appropriate Mentorship Program Specific Questions

Enter your program specific "Questions."  

These 3 questions are required and serve as the basis for any mentor or mentee posting.  Note that these questions are the same for both mentors and mentees who are creating opportunity postings, so be sure to make the questions apply to both mentors and mentees.  You can include 'helper text' that further defines or explains to the user what type of answer the question is trying to evoke.  Some great example questions are as follows:  [ What industry are you involved in, or want to be involved in?  What are the types of skills you are looking for in a mentor/mentee?  How many hours per week or month are you able to dedicate to this mentorship opportunity?  What's the best way to contact you? ]


Lastly, click on "Update."


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