Creating a Fundraising Campaign

Increase your Fundraising participation and average donation size with the 360Alumni fundraising solution. In just a few steps, you can create fundraising campaigns on a social platform that leverages crowdsourcing and sharing for giving success.

Step 1: After Logging in to Your 360Alumni Community Website

Click on "Give Back." You will see a page that includes all live fundraising campaigns.  **Note that only administrators can create fundraising campaigns. To start, click "Create Campaign."


Step 2: Select the Type of Campaign

"Short-Term" campaigns promote a fundraising goal and automatically expire on the end date. "Ongoing Fund" campaigns are promoted until the administrator manually ends the campaign. Note that the amount raised will be invisible on campaign 'ads' until it reaches $100.


For a "Short-Term" campaign, enter a start and end date for "Campaign Duration." Then enter the "Goal" amount you wish to achieve through this campaign.


Step 3: Enter Title

For best results, the "Title" should be very specific and identify what the funds will be used for.


Step 4: Enter Details

In the "Details" section, describe why the money is needed and what will be achieved by raising the funds. You can include any supporting links to be more informative.


Step 5: Choose Campaign Ambassadors

You can choose up to five "Campaign Ambassadors" that can help to represent and promote your campaign. Note that only active users can be ambassadors.


Step 6: Enter a Thank You Message

After a donation is made, a "Thank You Message" email is sent to the donor, which you can further personalize. If you want to add "Amount" and "Title" in the body of the sent message, please utilize the "$#amount#" & "#title#" tags, as shown.


Step 7: Add Campaign Media

Add images, web pages and videos to your fundraising campaign page. Relevant media helps your campaign stand out and convey the right message at the same time.

To add an "Image" click the camera thumbnail, then click "Upload Image Icon." Browse for the picture on your computer, select it, and click "Upload Image" at the bottom of the window.


To add a video or image via the link/URL click "Add Video/Image," then paste the URL of your source video/image. Click "Save."


To add a web page, click "Add Web Page," then paste the URL of your page. Click "Save."


Once all the information is in place, click "View Campaign." Check out the example campaign below for inspiration.  


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