Custom Fields on User Profiles

Custom fields allow you to collect, store and search on specific data that is relevant to your constituency. The Gender field in your 360Alumni community is a sample custom field that you can use as-is, remove, or customize.

To add a Custom Field, navigate to Admin > General Settings and click on the User Profile Fields tab. Click Add Custom Fields.

Custom-field Box

Enter the following details:

  • Name: Name of the custom field. Keep it short to make search criteria clear.
  • Optional ToolTip Text: This provides a mouseover tooltip that a user can hover on for more information about the field.
  • Type of Custom Field: From the drop-down choose the custom field type.
  • Privacy: Choose "User" to show the field to users and allow them to decide if they want to share their answers with other users. Choose "Admin Only" to hide the profile from all users. This setting is best for potentially sensitive data you may have for your members.
  • Searchable: If checked, the field will be included in the map and directory search filters.

Click Create to save the changes. This custom field will now appear on the admin view of every users profile, as well as the user's view (depending on the visibility setting you select).

Note: When only editing the Choices options, the "Save Changes" button won't appear. To resolve this:

1. Make the desired changes to your options.
2. Click on the "Optional Tooltip Text" field.
3. Press the Backspace key.
4. At this point the "Save Changes" button will appear. Click Save Changes.

Types of Custom Fields

  • Text Field - A text field is small box that allows users to enter a single line of text. It is used for entering basic values, such as a name, number, or short phrase.
  • Check Box Option - Check boxes are used when more than one option may need to be checked.

Screenshot of 360Alumni's custom field setup page
Example of configuration of a custom field with checkbox options

Example of user profile view of a checkbox option custom field
  • Link -  This custom field could be used by the user for any personal hyperlinks. Clicking the link on View Profile will redirect the user to the address specified in the custom field.  

Example of a link-type custom field on a user profile
  • Open Fill Option  - this type of custom field allows you to designate the most commonly used options, but also allow your users to write in their own options

Example of an Open Fill custom field on 360Alumni profiles
  • Multi Fill Option - this option allows you to add multiple fields and allow your users to add multiple entries to store data objects in their profiles.

Example of a Multi Fill custom field setup for your 360Alumni user profiles

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