User Profile Fields (Custom Fields)

To add a Custom Field navigate to Admin Settings and then General Settings. On the page click User Profile Fields Tab.


To add a Custom Field click Add Custom Fields.  Enter the following details

Custom-field Box
  • Name: Name of the custom field
  • Optional Tool-tip: Helper text
  • Type of Custom Field: From the drop-down choose the custom field type.
  • Privacy: Select if Admin or User defines field privacy.
  • Searchable: If checked the field can be used as one of the search filter on the Directory Search.

Click Create to save the changes. This custom field will now appear on the users profile.

Types of Custom Fields

  • Text Field - A text field is small box that allows users to enter a single line of text. It is used for entering basic values, such as a name, number, or short phrase.

  • Text Field view on Edit Profile
  • Check Box Option - A check box, or tick box is a small interactive box that can toggled by the user to indicate an affirmative or negative choice. Check boxes are used when more than one option may need to be checked.

  • Check Box options view on Edit Profile

  • Link -  This custom field could be used by the user for any personal hyperlinks. Clicking the link on View Profile will redirect the user to the address specified in the custom field.  

  • Link view on Edit Profile

  • Open Fill Option

  • Multi Fill Option


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