Custom Profile Fields

360Alumni allows client administrators to set up an unlimited amount of custom fields to display on user profile pages.  We do recommend that you limit these fields as a large amount of custom fields can clutter a profile page.   Custom profile fields can be set up as pre-defined drop down selection items, or free form text fields.  To setup or add custom profile fields; go to the ‘User Profile Fields’ tab within the client settings page.  Here you can setup / add custom fields to display on user’s profile pages; by clicking ‘+add custom field’, and then select checkbox options, or text field.  If you choose checkbox options, you will need to add the pre-defined list of user drop-down’s.  Note that the functionality is multi-select so user’s CAN select more than one option.  Text field, simply allows the user to type in what displays in this field.  All custom fields are ‘drag and droppable’ to allow you the ability to sort the display order on the profile page.  Pro tip:  Make sure to make note of your custom profile field order, in case you plan on importing any of this information during the import user record process.



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