How to Customize Your Homescreen Widget

You have the ability to change your homescreen widget image and text, it can be the default map or whatever you want!

Here is how.

Customize Your 360Alumni Homescreen Widget

To edit the homepage widget please follow the below steps

  1. Sign in to your community admin account
  2. Hover over the gear on the right side
  3. In the dropdown, choose 'general settings'
  4. Choose the 2nd tab for 'Homepage'
  5. Select the radio button under the picture for 'customize widget'
  6. Then click the button to 'customize widget'
  7. There is no delete button to delete the current picture of the logo, however if you upload a new image, it will replace the logo one that is currently there
  8. Upload the new image and click save
  9. Go back to the homepage to see your new image

Anytime you want to put the map image back up, you can just select the radio button under the map image.

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