Document Distribution

An Admin or Group Organizer/Owner can upload and share documents with all group members.

Navigate to the your Group by clicking "Groups" on the navigation bar. On the sub-menu click "View Groups," then click the "My Groups" tab. Select the group you want to upload the document to.

Next, click "Manage Group," and then "Manage Documents."


Click the "Upload File" button and select a file.

Note supported files include MS Office: xls, ppt, doc, .csv files, and popular image files: jpg, pdf, png. The maximum file size is 10MB.


After uploading a document, it will appear in a list view. Use the arrows in the "Priority" column to determine which files are promoted on the groups page. Only admins and group organizers can manage the files (upload, change priority or delete).


The first 5 documents in the chart appear on the Group page. Click the file name to view and/or download the file. "View More" will take members to the document list page to access any additional documents that do not display on the main page.


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