Editing User Profiles

There are two user types that may edit other user's profiles in 360Alumni.

1. A 360Alumni community administrator may edit a user's profile by finding them with the search function, or the map/directory. Once on the user's profile, click "Edit Profile". If you can not find the user's profile, they may not yet be approved, or they may be a Limited Access User. To find them, go to Admin > Approval Requests or Admin > Limited Access Users.

2. An approved user may also edit user's profiles. This is really helpful if you are delegating data research to your Group leaders. To enable profile editing for a Group Organizer, go to that group and click "Edit Group" in the dropdown menu. Find the user in the "Group Organizers" section and check the "Data Access" box. This user will now see an "Edit" button on each row of the "Group Members" page.

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