Account Email & Password Recovery

360Alumni has a convenient Forgot Password link, right on the login page of your community.  This will prompt the user to enter the email they used to activate their account.  If the user doesn't remember or have access to that email box,  there is a link to reach the 360Alumni Support team who will assist.

Step 1: Go to Your Community Login Page

Click "Forgot Password."


Step 2: Enter your Email Address

A password reset link with instructions to reset password will be sent to you after clicking "Submit Address" the form.


Step 3: Check your Mailbox

Click on the "Reset My Password" button.


Step 4: Enter your Email Address

Enter password twice to confirm. Click "Save New Password," then try to login with new password.  


Recover Account Email

If you don't remember or have access to the email box associated with the 360Alumni community,  follow the Admin & Client Support article to reach support team.

Alternatively, you can either email, or  reach a representative by calling 424-888-0360.

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