Creating an “Event Listing Only”

Within 360Alumni communities, any user can create an event.  If you wish to create an 'event listing only', take a look at the following steps.

There are 3 event types.  

   1.  Event listing only:  These are events that do not have a user registration / RSVP process.

   2.  Free Events:  Events where you set the ticket price as zero, but users will still register.

   3.  Ticket Events:  Events where you can assign dollar amounts to ticket types, and users purchase these tickets during the registration/rsvp process.  

To create a "Listing Only" event, simply navigate to the events tab/page and click on "Create an Event." On the first step of the event creation process, check the "Event Listing Only" button on the bottom of page under Ticket Options.  

Event listing only events should be used for events where there is no head count, or need to capture/view registered event attendees.  This could be for speaking engagements, holidays, or other large calendar notices.


For a more detailed walkthrough, please refer to the "Create an Event" article.

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