Collecting My Event Proceeds

Both alumni and administrator user's can host events within the 360Alumni community.  If you host an event that has a ticket price associated with it, you will need to get a hold of these funds!  The way our payment process works is as follows:  360Alumni wires funds directly to our client's bank account around the 1st of every month.  It will be up to the event organizer to reach out to the appropriate contact within your alumni organization.  If you do not know who to contact, feel free to email with the relevant details and they will help you locate the appropriate person.  

As the event organizer you can click "Manage Event" and navigate to, "Event Metrics" and/or 'Manage Attendees' to determine all the details that you will need to reconcile funds due.  360Alumni administrators can also access the receipt reporting breakdowns by month, to capture full details on payment amounts to event organizers.  Note to event organizers:  360Alumni charges a service fee on all transactions processed through alumni communities.  If you wish to incorporate this cost into the price of your ticket, reach out to your community administrator or to verify the service fee percentage.

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