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We're always thinking of new ways to make 360Alumni even more intuitive. Here, you can find answers to frequently asked questions. If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact us by clicking here.

Common Support Questions

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Q: Can we prevent users from creating new accounts?

A: You can implement our 'closed community' approach, so that newly created accounts must first be approved by an administrator prior to being activated. Follow the settings link under the admin dashboard, and enable 'user registration' under the 'Require Administrator Approval' section.

Q: How do I add/remove administrators, and is there a limit to the number of administrators?

A: There is no limit on the number of administrators you can have in your alumni community. To grant or remove administrator access, just go to the 'administrators' page under the admin dashboard.

Q: How do I add new alumni/user records to my community?

A: Uploading of alumni records is currently handled by the 360Alumni staff. Reach out to for the most up to date data import template. User record information should be copied and pasted into this template, and delivered back to the support team for upload. Please note we typically have a 3-10 business day turnaround depending on current queue volume and complexity of data set.

Q: Users within the community have created duplicate accounts/records. How do we account for this?

A:  Administrators can remove duplicate accounts by determining which account should be removed, and then effectively deleting or de-activating that account.  As a rule of thumb, you should not delete the account with which a user has recently logged in.  Also, make sure to copy any data from the record you intend to remove, to the record you intend to keep active.  A 360Alumni support staff member can help show you how to effectively de-dupe your records. Email with the relevant details.

Q: How does the tags feature work?

A: Much like custom profile fields, 'tags' can be used to capture and display certain data about your alumni on their profile page. Click the 'manage tags' button on the settings page under the admin dashboard. Input your tag 'label', which is essentially your title. Example: Languages, Skills, Extra Curricular activities, Programs. You can also add a tag description, which will show up as a hoverable tool tip to inform users how this feature works or what they should add. Lastly, tag 'values' must be pre-determined by administrators. You can manually add these tags, or even upload a list of tags. Note that the system can also capture a unique ID that may correspond to a 3rd party system or reference.  Tags are a great feature to capture static data on your alumni, and also have the benefit of being a filterable data field within the alumni directory.

Q: Can we capture and display additional user profile data?

A: Yes, we can handle an unlimited amount of custom field data. These custom fields can be established within the 'user profile fields' tab within the settings page of the admin dashboard. Click 'add custom field' and provide a title for this field. Next you can choose whether the underlying information is displayable/capturable as free form text, or pre-specified drop down selections.  Lastly, you can decide whether the custom field will be a regular field, or an 'admin only' field.  Admin only fields are editable by users and admins on the edit profile page, however only administrators see these fields and the answers associated with them.  Note that once a custom field has user data associated with it, for audit purposes it can not be deleted by administrators.  (Contact 360Alumni support to help with this.)

Q: How do I create a new user record or administrator account?

A: In 360Alumni user records and administrator accounts can be created/uploaded in the same fashion.   As a workaround you could access the login page and create a new user account manually, by clicking 'signup with email' and setting the account up for the user.


Q: Can we prevent users from creating events?

A: You can implement an approval process, so that user created events must first be approved by an administrator prior to being published. Follow the settings link under the admin dashboard, and enable 'event approval required' feature.

Q: Can I create official organization events?

A: Yes. When creating an event, click the 'official event' radio button. This will add a banner to the event image that will let users know this is an official event.

Q: If a user creates an event that includes ticket prices, how do they retrieve those funds?

A: They can either contact the alumni community relations or administrator(s), or email Please include the name of the alumni community and the title of the event. A check will be mailed to the event organizer upon request.  It is up to the organization to reconcile transactions and allocate funds to the appropriate parties.  Check out the 'receipt reporting' page under the admin dashboard for a monthly breakdown of all transactions and details on the organizer.

Q: If an administrator creates an event that includes ticket prices, how do they retrieve those funds?

A: The funds from the ticket sales will be transferred from 360Alumni to the institution based on the time, frequency, and method agreed upon by both parties within the agreement. If there are issues, special circumstances, or funds that are required sooner, please send an email to


Q: Can we turn off the fundraising feature?

A: Yes, this can be accomplished in the settings page under the admin dashboard, by clicking 'deactive campaigns' radio button.

Q: Can users create fundraising campaigns?

A: No. Only administrators can create fundraising campaigns. Administrators can however mark users as 'campaign ambassadors' which essentially includes these users on the fundraising campaign to showcase their connection to the campaign.


Q: Can groups be private?

A: Yes, the organizer of a group can make a group private. Only administrators, and the users that the group organizer adds or invites can see or have access to this group.


Q: How do I setup the mentorship feature, and how does it work?

A: The 360Alumni mentorship feature is flexibly designed to allow our clients an area to promote mentorship connections among alumni. Within the admin dashboard, select mentorship. From this page you can either enable or disable the feature. You will be required to establish a mentorship program name and description. Then you must create 3 form questions that will be used as the basis for creating mentorship opportunities. You can set these up to target either mentors, mentees or both! Examples: What skills do you have that could benefit a mentor? Describe your mentorship opportunity and the right type of candidate you are seeking?  Within what industry or sector does your career experience lie?


Q: Can we adjust/set the default privacy settings?

A: Yes. We can set any/all traditional profile data fields that have privacy options to default to private or public. Reach out to your 360Alumni Client Success Manager to discuss setting this up.

Q: What information (if any) is taken from a user's social media account and applied to the 360Alumni record/account?

A: When you use social signon through LinkedIn or Facebook, the site pulls basic information from your social media profile into your 360Alumni profile. Typically, the fields pulled are: name, profile picture, basic contact information, and career information.

Q: Can other users see the lists that users create?

A: No, lists are specific and private to each user. You can and should use lists to keep track of other alumni based on certain attributes (professional, academic, social, etc.).


Q: Can we use a custom or non 360Alumni domain?

A: Yes, if you purchase a custom domain or segment a sub-domain and provide 360Alumni with the DNS administrator information, we can host the domain and point your alumni community to this URL.  There are additional details that you should discuss with our client service team, before officially going this route however.

Q: How can I inform new users what the community is all about, or target a message to newly activated accounts?

A: Create a customized welcome message. This welcome message will pop-up once a new account is activated or created, upon the user's initial login. This can be found under the admin dashboard under the settings page.

Q: Can we add a Twitter wall?

A: Yes. Navigate to the settings page under the admin dashboard. Input your twitter handle, click enable, and click 'show twitter feed on homepage'.

Q: Can we add an Instagram feed?

A: Yes. Navigate to the settings page under the admin dashboard. Input your Instagram username. Hover over the access code tool tip for instructions on how to obtain your access code. Input your access code, choose your tabular display preference, and enable the feature.

Q: Can we add a Facebook feed?

A: Yes. Navigate to the settings page under the admin dashboard. click on the 'homepage' tab, and click the 'get facebook code instructions' link.  Follow these instructions to obtain your Iframe code snippet, which will be pasted in the blank box on the settings page.  Note that you can not create a FB feed at the group level, only at the account level.

Q: Can I update social links or page footer details?

A: Yes, these details can be updated/changed/removed within the settings page under the admin dashboard.

Q: Can I link the homepage headlines feature to an RSS feed?

A: Yes, this can be accomplished on the settings page, under the admin dashboard. Simply provide the location/URL of the RSS feed, and click the 'enable' radio button.  There is a built in RSS feed validator, that will populate a green check or red x based on the result.  Contact 360Alumni support if you have any questions or issues about this process.

Q: How do I add additional links to appear under the home button on the menu bar?

A: Email your request to and include link title and URL. An unlimited amount of links can be added on an ad-hoc basis.

Q: Can we adjust/set the default user notifications?

A: Yes. All user notification defaults can be adjusted by 360Alumni. Please contact your 360Alumni Client Success Manager to configure this.

Q: How do I showcase companies that are close to my organization, or display/run promotions?

A: You can use our 'sponsors' feature to accomplish this. First step is to navigate to the settings page under the admin dashboard. From here you can set up your Sponsors feature 'label' which will be the title of the feature. And then provide a description, which will display on the top of the sponsors page. Next you can go to the 'manage sponsors' section under the admin dashboard. From here you can easily add/remove/manage each sponsorship/promotion. Sponsor postings consist of a title, description, link and photo.


Q: Who can I contact if I am experiencing an issue or have something to report?

A: We have a support ticketing system to handle all client and user support inquiries. Either email, or navigate to the help center within the alumni community to enter a form support inquiry. You can also reach a representative by calling 424-888-0360.

Q: A user is having issues remembering the user account email address or password. What can they do?

A: We have a convenient Forgot Password link, right on the login page of your community.  This will prompt the user to enter the email they used to activate their account.  If the user doesn't remember or have access to that email box,  there is a link to reach the 360Alumni Support team who will assist.


Q: How can I track account activation of user records?

A: Navigate to the 'user insight' feature under the admin dashboard, and select the 'recent activity' tab. From here you can adjust your time frame and monitor all account activations. Click on the account activations # to open a page that displays all the users who have activated an account within the specified time frame. This data can all be exported as a report in excel format.  Pro tip:  The alumni directory 'list' view will display all accounts sorted by last logged in.  This is also a good way of monitoring most recent log-in's / user activity.

Q: How can I track new accounts created in my alumni community?

A: Administrators can navigate to the 'new records' feature under the admin dashboard to see all the new records created within the alumni community. You can filter these results, select and archive certain records, and export any/all record information in a variety of different formats. You can also see newly created accounts within the 'recent activity' tab under user insights feature of the admin dashboard.

Q: How can I export my alumni/user record information?

A: Administrators can navigate to the 'download records' feature under the admin dashboard to export all user record information. Simply select the column headers of information you'd like to download, and run your report. Reports will be generated in csv/excel format.

Q: How do I reconcile or keep track of transactions that occur within the alumni community?

A: User transactions occur as event ticket purchases or fundraising campaign donations. All transactions are processed by 360Alumni, and funds are wired to our client's pre-specified bank account. Administrators can access the 'receipt reporting' feature under the admin dashboard to obtain all information on transactions. You can view transactions within the 'month to date' tab, or pull a report for any prior month's activity.

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