Configuring Facebook Sign-on for Custom Domains

For clients who have their community on a custom domain, social sign in buttons plugins will need to be updated to point to their own sign in apps instead of 360Alumni's.

In particular, the Facebook Social Sign on Option feature (on the landing page of your community) requires inbound activity to come from a domain that is registered through the Facebook App and authenticated by the domain administrator.

Your webmaster or IT people will need to create a Facebook app, and ensure the sub domain or custom domain used for your alumni community is linked/registered. Here's how:

  1. Log in to your Facebook account.
  2. Go to, and click "Create App".
  3. Choose "Consumer" and click next
  4. Enter the app name "360Alumni Login" and click "Create App".
  5. Under Facebook Login, click "Setup" and choose "Web"
  6. Enter the Site URL for your community site that is on your custom domain, click "Save" and "Continue"
  7. Go to Settings > Basic and ensure your domain is authenticated.  Here's how.
  8. Enter a URL for the privacy policy. You may refer to 360Alumni's at
  9. Provide 360Alumni with the Facebook App_ID, and Secret_ID

Once we have these keys we will plug these in to our database, which will enable the Sign in with Facebook button to work in your community.  

Once Facebook approves your app, the final step is to switch the FB app over to 'live' and let us know by emailing so we can test it on our side.

If you prefer not to have a "Sign in with Facebook" button on your login page, just let us know and we'll disable it.

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