How to Get Event Data/Reports (And What They Mean)

Once you have published an event within 360Alumni and people have begun registering, you can run reports/exports to manage your event attendance and obtain all relevant ticket/event information. 

Go to your event page < manage event < manage attendees. 

On this page you can filter the table by ticket type to see all those who have purchased that ticket, as well as use the key word search to see specific event attendees ticket purchases.  There are button shortcuts to allow you to quickly message a user or edit their event registration as needed. 

Lastly, there are two reports that you can run ‘Export Tickets’ and ‘Export Attendees’.

Both of these reports will produce excel files with generally the same event attendee ticket/registration information. 

The ‘Export tickets’ report will provide each registered attendee in their own row, and will include their contact information, ticket type, guest of, and any ticket level custom field data that was entered during registration. 

The ‘Export Attendees’ report will produce an excel file but the data is structured a little differently.  This report will provide ticket types and custom field data as their own columns, with each row’s attendee showing which tickets/custom field data corresponds to their registration. 

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