Admin - Limiting Event Creation

Within 360Alumni communities, we give any user the ability to create and host an event, as it further empowers your constituents to network and make the most of their alumni community.  However, if as an organization/administrator you feel that you do not want to allow your users to create their own events, we have built an approval process that you can turn on.

Navigate to the 'settings' page under the admin dashboard.  Scroll down the first tab to locate the 'Event approval required' line, and select the 'enable' checkbox.  Save your changes!  Now, everytime a non administrator user creates an event, it will first require administrator approval.  


Administrators will receive an in application notification on the 'approval requests' feature, to inform you once an event requires your approval.  Administrators will also receive an email notification that an event requires approval.  Note that any administrator can approve any user created event.  

From the users perspective, once they create an event they will be notified via pop-up message and email notification that their event is pending approval from an administrator.  They will also receive email notification once their event has been approved.

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