Managing Event Orders in Progress

As a 360Alumni administrator or event organizer you can see who has an order in progress to register for an event. 

This is helpful if you are out of tickets, having trouble registering an attendee, or an attendee is having difficulties registering.

To see all the open carts with tickets for the event you are working on, go to MANAGE EVENT > Event Orders in Progress.

Screenshot of 360Alumni's Orders in Progress Page
Orders in Progress Page

Here you can see all users who have an incomplete order for that event, then either free up the ticket for another attendee to use, or help the attendee complete their order.

To help the attendee complete the order:

  • If you have the attendee's credit card information you can log in as the user, then go to their cart to complete their registration. The cart is available from their profile menu.
  • You can message the user reminding them to complete their order and contact you with any questions.
  • You can also click on the attendee's name to obtain their email address, phone number or any other contact info they have added to their profile.

To cancel their registration in progress or remove a ticket from it:

  • Click "LOG IN AS" and go to their cart. Note: If there is no email address associated with the user, you will not be able to log in as them. This should not be a problem, as generally users like this are created by friends adding them to their registration. It's best to log in as the person who started the order.)
  • Click "Remove" next to any tickets you would like to remove. This will add those tickets back to the quantity available for purchase by event attendees. 
Screenshot of 360Alumni's Impersonation feature used to remove tickets from an order in progress.
Editing a User's Cart

NOTE: If you are having difficulty proxy registering an attendee for an event, it is because a) they have an event in progress or b) another admin has a proxy registration in progress for them. Here are steps to follow to resolve it:

  1. Try the Orders in Progress page first to log in as the user and cancel any existing order the user started.
  2. Go to Proxy registration (MANAGE EVENT > Register an Attendee), and look up the user. Click "Assign ticket", close the ticket selection modal and click "Cancel this registration and start new".  Click "Yes" in the confirmation modal.

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